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tdlawyer, Lawyer
Category: Law
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Experience:  11 years experience of general practice.
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I slipped in scs furniture store in Wednesbury as they had

Resolved Question:

I slipped in scs furniture store in Wednesbury as they had a posters on the floor area and a Hoover wire was plugged in under the posters . I was in pain for a week I also have a witness statement and the accident was put in there accident book do I have a case against them
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  tdlawyer replied 3 years ago.

tdlawyer :

Hi thanks for your question.

tdlawyer :

My name isXXXXX can answer this for you.

tdlawyer :

Yes, you're likely to have a personal injuries claim against them. When did this trip happen please?

Customer: Feb 6th just gone
tdlawyer :

OKay, then you have plenty of time to bring a claim if you choose to do that.

tdlawyer :

Have you made enquiries of no-win no-fee solicitors?

Customer: I contacted two and because the claim potentially is going to be less than £1000 they wouldn't take the case they said contract county courts not sure how to go about it
tdlawyer :

I see. In that case, then you should consider issuing your own claim using an N1 Claim Form. You can get the form online here:

Customer: How much will it cost me
tdlawyer :

You then pay an issue fee, of about £30 (your local court will give you the fees), and then set out in the claim form what you're seeking etc.

tdlawyer :

I think it's £27 to be exact.

tdlawyer :

If you're on benefits, you can get a fee exemption.

Customer: So you don't take the case up then??
tdlawyer :

We dont take cases on here, no. We provide information on this website. We're nt allowed to deal with people directly outside the website.

Customer: Oh sorry I thought I had more help for the £33
tdlawyer :

I can help you by telling you everthing you need to do, but I can't actually do the things for you.

tdlawyer :

Do you want me to give you an idea of what you put in the boxes in the claim form?

Customer: Yes any help would do thank you
tdlawyer :

Okay, the claimant and defendant bits are self-explanatory. Just insert your/their names and addresses.

tdlawyer :

The value of the claim put: damages not exceeding £1,000

tdlawyer :

Then leave the boxes (for fixed sum claims) in the lower right part of the form blank.

tdlawyer :

On the back of the form, in the particulars of claim section, you just explain what happened and that you wish to claim for damages for the injury sustained and the pain and suffering that has resulted. Explain what day you went in, what happened, and the nature of the injuries you have. There is no magic form of wording for this, it's just a simple explanation.

tdlawyer :

This is going to be a "small claims" matter and the procesure is very relaxed and informal.

tdlawyer :

Does this assist?

Customer: Yes thank you I'll get a form and have a go
tdlawyer :

Okay, great. If there is anything more I can answer, I will do.

tdlawyer :

Are you happy with the service provided?

Customer: I'll try and get the form tommorrow but I won't be able to get you back will I ?
tdlawyer :

You can come back to me anytime (although I'm not online all the time obviously). When you post your question, I'll answer it for you ASAP.

Customer: Thank you then
tdlawyer :

Thank you! Are you happy with the service I've provided?

Customer: I'm happy with what you've said but before I paid the money I thought it would be a service that got the forms and filled them in for you and looked over the case
tdlawyer :

Oh no, it does say in fairness that we only provide information. However, we will continue to provide you with information to answer your questions, so long as it's a "follow up" and related to the same issue.

Customer: Okay then thank you so I just come back on the site as say it's a follow up if I need any more info?
tdlawyer :

Yes, just come back to this page - take a note of the website address from your browser address bar window.

tdlawyer :

Can i ask why you've rated poor service please?

Customer: Sorry I rated it ok didn't think it would come up poor service
tdlawyer and other Law Specialists are ready to help you