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My employer has sent out emails on two occasions to myself

Customer Question

My employer has sent out emails on two occasions to myself and colleagues advising us to press a link to allow us to read a Chamber of Commerce report. Her main aim is to sway our opinions re: the Yes / No Scottish Independence vote. I believe this is an attempt to coerce a workforce which Is illegal is it not?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Alice H replied 3 years ago.
Alex Hughes : My name is***** and I'm happy to help with your question today. I need to ask you some preliminary questions to be able to help you.
Alex Hughes : Have you Ben threatened with any sanctions for not clicking the link or voting?
Alex Hughes : Have you *been* threatened with any sanctions for not clicking the link or voting?
Customer: No it is entirely our choice.
Alex Hughes : OK. On what basis do you say this is coercion if there is no sanction or other pressure?
Customer: Perhaps too strong a work
Customer: But why should we have to allow her to send this sort of mail out to workers?
Alex Hughes : I cannot see anything unlawful on the basis of the information you have given. An employer may have many different reasons for sending such e-mails but it does not necessarily follow that the actions are unlawful. On the basis that there is not threat, pressure or sanction the e-mail does not amount to unlawful conduct by your employer. Apart from anything else: you have the option to delete the e-mail, no respond or, as you have rightly done, complain.
Customer: As a General Manager does she have the right to try to influence us? That is really my question.
Alex Hughes : So she's not your employer?
Customer: Yes she manages the firm I work for.
Alex Hughes : But is she your employer? Does she hire/fire and pay your wages?
Customer: Yes
Alex Hughes : If you feel strongly about the matter, despite it not being unlawful in my opinion, you could lodge a grievance. But in principle there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with what's happened here.
Customer: Ok. Thank you for putting me right.
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