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Hi, I am currently suspended pending investigation for

Resolved Question:

Hi, I am currently suspended pending investigation for suspected gross misconduct. I am a mortgage and protection manager for one of the major banks. I have made a genuine mistake and now I dont know whats going to happen to me. I did not stand to gain anything financialy or bank to loose anything financialy. I have never met these ppl before so I am not conspiring to do anything against the bank. I did not even know what was I been questioned about untill the fact find. Its been 2 weeks since my suspension now and I am very stressed as I do not know what could be the outcome. I am wondering if I resign if the employer can still sack me and damage my future career opportunities. If I am sacked can they give me bad refferance? Should I resign and start again? What should I do? Whats in my best interest?

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 3 years ago.
Buachaill :

1. In this situation, you should simply put your hands up and admit to your genuine mistake. Make clear you made a genuine error and state you will assist the bank in whatever way is possible. Ultimately, if you seek to resign and run away from the situation, it just looks bad and you might have the bank over-reacting and not believing your pleas of having made a genuine error. Ultimately, if you made a genuine error, you are better off coming to some agreement with the bank whereby you leave voluntarily and there is no comeback. At this stage, I would advise you not to be worrying about references. It should be the last thing on your mind. Get out of the situation and then you can reassess things. However, it is not helpful to be over-worried about references. You need to accept that if you made a mistake that the bank won't be saying you were their best ever worker. However, nor will they state that you were their worst worker or that you were dishonest. So the situation is not that bad. You still have the possibility open to you that the bank will accept you made a genuine error and will appreciate your candour and honesty. So leave that possibility open. Every young worker makes errors. So too, do experienced workers. It is how people gain experience. So no one will harm you for having made a mistake. It happens all the time!


That what I said on my fact find that I did make a mistake and did not try to deny it. I am just hoping they will give me another chance.So if they ask me to the disciplinary hearing what should I do?

Buachaill :

2. You should go along to the disciplinary hearing and make clear you made a genuine error and that you are sorry for it.


Should i bring someone else with me? Should I write all the facts in advance so I can present it to them? I just want to give myself a best chace of keeping this job as I really love what I do.

Buachaill :

3. You should consider whether you want to bring a solicitor. That depends on how seriously you view the situation. However, you should bring a friend, just for support. Whether this is your partner or a parent or a friend, it would be helpful just to have someone there with you. Ultimately, no one else can influence proceedings. So you will have to handle yourself well and with dignity.

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