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I was raped in November 14 by a trade man in my home after

Customer Question

I was raped in November 14 by a trade man in my home after I had met up with him previously but as knew my mum did like him I hide the meeting from her. nieavely I didn't tell the police when I gave my statement but have done so now. I suffer from depression and this incident has made things worse. But now I am at my wits end to think that I could be in trouble for not telling the whole truth in the beginning. Can you tell me if I will be charged and sent to prison
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 2 years ago.
It is quite unlikely they would charge you with perverting. To be wholly honest, there are far more completely false allegations of rape than feminist propaganda would have us believe and it is pretty rare that even they are charged with any offence against public justice.
However, this is probably something that may be used to undermine your credibility. At least you have told them now which is all you can really do to put this right. You cannot go back and change the past.
If it just that you said you didn't know him and you do then it is very unlikely they would charge you with an offence.
What they may do, if there is other concern about the truthfulness of this report, is give you a wasting police time fine. They are very useful to deal with situations like this. They are usually about £70 but the point is that they are used to mark somebody's card so that it can be borne in mind if there are any subsequent allegations. That would only really be used though if there is other concern. This alone would not be enough.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you so could I clarify that I'm not going to be charged but when it goes to court I will have a harder job to convince the jury that the incident took place, what would happen to me if he is found not guilty even if I know he is
Expert:  Jo C. replied 2 years ago.
On the facts that you mention above that seems likely.
In terms of what would happen, he could sue. There is a new wave of actions against accusers as the mood of the public seems to demand it. Actually that has always been possible but people didn't generally do it. Recent celebrity cases though that have largely lead to failure have ignite the debate again.
In truth, it may well not go to court. If you have put in two inconsistent statements then CPS might well not charge him. That would reduce your liability because the only consequence for him really is that he has had to answer police questions.
If it does go to court then the risks do rack up. He could seek a fairly large financial award. Generally speaking though people just want findings from the civil court in their favour and injunctions to stop repetition of specific slanders.
It is possible that he could take out a private prosecution against you for perverting the course of justice. That is expensive it is fair to say and so relatively unlikely. These things are on the increase though. They can always reduce the costs by seeking a barrister to act for free at the bar pro bono unit and I would have thought that somebody would be interested. That is all very unlikely though unless he has money to spend or an insurance company or an employer will pay.

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