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Joshua, Lawyer
Category: Law
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I believe I was taken in by a very clever scam www.ukmillionairementor

Customer Question

I believe I was taken in by a very clever scam which advertised: internet based business systems, income streams, products & services and a 1-2-1 days training session Cost £2,497. There was a delay from when I purchased this (by debit card) and the actual training day, when Mr Chris Cobb showed up at 9.00am as arranged. His training which was mainly copy & pasting sales letters from his server into a GetResponse account personalised iwith my name although the account was registered in his company name. I was advised to join a couple of MLM companies he recommended, the idea being I would joint venture with them re-selling their products. There was a lot of talk in-between as the day drew to a close at 5pm. Which is when Mr Cobb produced a couple of sheets of paper he said he would like me to sign, they looked like certificates. One headed Agreement to Proceed: stated in the 1st paragraph, I have listened to Chris Cobb for the first hour and I agree to proceed with the full 1-2-1 training Session and any Joint Venture projects... the second headed Terms & Conditions: 1st paragraph stated: I have signed the agreement to proceed document and I understand this training is no longer refundable. I was really angry that he had not showed me these at 9;00am, I told him I wasn't happy in signing a waiver for something that should have been shown to me within the first hour. But he had already banked my money and I felt conned, he went on to tell me that up until then I had been happy to proceed and why wouldn't I wont to sign if I was really geguinely interested and after all he had spent the day with me training me, which he entitled to charge for.
I felt I had no choice and reluctantly I signed. i wanted to believe in this guy and the business opportunity and went a long with things whilst speaking to my bank about the chances of them issuing a "Charge Back", I spoke to the police who told me that it was a scam not a crime, and because I wasn't what they felt as vulnerable they couldn't help and advised me to talk with my bank. The Citizens advice bureau told me the same. I have taken it as far as I could with my bank and the Financial Ombudsman Service who have found in favour of my bank regarding their non-issuing a charge back. I'm at a loss because I can't afford to loss £2,497 being a pensioner I was looking to subsidise my pension with an online business - not loose what savings I had. The annoying thing is this guy is advertising this same so called opportunity!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Joshua replied 1 year ago.

Hello and thank you for your question. I will be very pleased to assist you. I'm a practicing lawyer in England with over 10 years experience.

  1. May I ask the approximate date you made the payments to the individual please?
  2. From what you say was the money for the training for that day or for training what would later be provided?
  3. You say you felt you had no choice but to sign even though you wern't happy. Why did you feel you had no choice?
  4. Notwithstanding the above, can you show that the training offered does not satisfy what he claimed it would in his promotional material?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Hello Joshua,

Having received the 35 page marketing /sales document , followed by an email stating just 1 spot left, I signed up for this on 21st May 2014 paying by visa debit card. My understanding from reading the 35 page document was that the 1-2-1 training day was part of quote " I'm goning to set you up with a working business model, I'm going to get you started by sending you traffic, leads and sales and I'm going to help you set-up your very own back office system and I'm going to work with you every step of the way." Due to other commitments on both sides, the training day was agreed for 05th June 2014. I have to say that I had met this guy before at an Internet seminar he gave in a London Hotel back in December 2013, and I guess I trusted him. That was up until 5 pm on the 05th June, when I felt I had been trapped/well & truly had when he showed me the paperwork he wanted me to sign. He said I should have known, it was in his terms & conditions. I asked why wasn't in the document he had sent me and he's reply was there was a link on the order page to the terms & conditions. I hadn't noticed it at the time as it was below the order button in small type. The training was mainly coping & pasting (old) sales letters into a GetResponse (auto-responder) using the name: which he had registered in his company, explaining it would be transferred over to me in due course. On one of the papers he asked me to sign it states" I have listened to Chris Cobb for the first hour and I agree to proceed with the full 1-2-1 Private training Session and any Joint Venture projects. These turned out to cost more money and were with MLM companies (Pyramid Schemes) this was not highlighted in the 35 page document. Another trick he pulled was delaying delivering the so called bonuses (page 9 of document)" To get you started, we will be sending you 500 leads (names and e-mails) so that you will already have a list!" (page 22) " And when I've done this in the past, the FAST START has always produced some staggering results: Mike : 817 leads=$639.35 + $190 in affilate commissions (within 48 hours!) Sean : 1,571 leads = $3,473.40 + $190 in affiliate commissions (within 1 week), Julie: 747 leads = $837.60 (within 48 hours!) Matt: 1,189 leads = $1,746.80 (within 24 hours!) Jonathan: 911 leads and $1,448.70 (within 24 hours!) and he now has a list OVER 3,000, (page 28) " Documented...With Step-By -Step Instructions..." " Your Very Own CPA Marketing Website..." (page29) " So, if you'd like the full picture, the insider secrets, the systems, sales letters, products, projects and automated functions actyally set up for you, mthen the price that follows is just going to seem AMAZING to you...

** You can get all this for...** Just £2,497.00

I waited for some 4 days before realising that Chris Cobb's UK Millionaire Mentor package wasn't all it was made out to be. I contacted Santander on the 09th June 2014 to report that I had been mis-sold.

Expert:  Joshua replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. Do you have the full address of the individual. Did you pay him personally as opposed to a limited company he may have set up?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

AIS System UK

Suit 127 Communications House

9 St Johns Street, Colechester

Essex, CO2 7NN

Expert:  Joshua replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. Finally is the above course marketed to you as a consumer or as a business customer? i.e does the course assume you to be a business person or a consumer non business person?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

I believe it was marketed to me as a consumer. I did explain I was a pensioner looking to find a home based business to subsidise my pension.

I would like to add I have not received any of the products/services mentioned. Mr Cobb has stated that I wanted everything in advance and he claims that the training was in modules to be learnt one at a time. This was not stated in the document and fly's in the face of him quoting previous clients success in a matter of 24 hrs. He also maintains that I chose not to carry on with the on going training. He also has stated that he will vigorously fight any claim. As I have already stated The Financial Ombudsman has found that Santander hasn't made an any error in not seeking a "Chargeback" from Visa regarding my complaint.

Santander says that when I contacted the bank it raised a dispute to allow it to investigate and raise a chargeback for me. But after investigation, it declined my claim on the basis that the service/subscrition was not cancelled until after the transaction debited from my account (21st May 2014) and that I had accepted the terms and conditions of the agreement which stated it was non-refundable - On 05th June 2014.(the training day). In addition the dispute concerned the service provided and this didn't fall under VISA Scheme Chargeback rules. I was under the impression that according to consumer rights I had seven working days after you received the goods/service? Also, these service was not made to order to me - as already stated they were made in the name a domain name registered on the training day by Chris Cobb in his name or one of his companies. In closing, I have no business, no insider secrets, no system, no sales letters, no products, no list (leads), no website, no documented Step - by - Step Instructions... I have nothing to show for the £2,497.00 paid in good faith.

Expert:  Joshua replied 1 year ago.
thank you. I note you have already followed the chargeback procedure and made a complaint to the financial ombudsman without success. You are not bound by the financial ombudsman's decision but of course that they found against you means that you do not obtain a refund from the bank which is unhelpful to say the least.

Based upon what you say, if you paid for the services as a consumer, you may still consider a claim against the individual concerned as a claim for breach of contract for misrepresentation and/or the service provided not being of reasonable quality, as described nor fit for purpose under the terms implied into your contract with him by virtue of the supply of goods and services act.

in addition, if you purchased the services as a consumer, the individual will be subject to statutory cancellation rights afforded to you as a consumer. Because you were sold a service at a distance, you are entitled to cancel the service for any reason for a period of seven days, unless the individual did not give you notice of your rights of cancellation in which case this right is extended to 12 months. Based upon the dates you mention, you appear to still just be in time. during this period, you can decide to cancel the service offered for any reason whatsoever and accordingly, you may still have a right to cancel the service under the distance selling regulations 2000 - these have now been replaced with enhanced rights but the above regulations were those in force at the time. your rights under this legislation may be complicated by the fact you chose to sign further documents at the time you attended the training but it can still be worth raising the point.

in terms of how you may decide to proceed, you can consider issuing a claim in the Small Claims Court for recovery of the money is paid on the basis of breach of contract and you will need to decide what reasons you claim for breach of contract which could be, as referred to above, misrepresentation, unsatisfactory quality of service, the service not being fit for purpose or not being as described in promotional material.

You can cite any or all of the above though you will need to provide specific reasons to support your claims by direct reference to representations your material before you purchase the services.

I have checked companies house, and the the business does not appear to be a limited company and therefore if you decide to issue proceedings in the County Court, you will need to issue against "[Individuals Full Name] Trading as [Name of his Business]".

The simplest and cheapest way to issue proceedings is using the courts online issuing service at the following link:

Is there anything above I can clarify for you?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Hello Joshua,

I have to say that this whole affair has left me rather shell shocked and foolish. But never-the -less, I don't feel like just rolling over, having said that I'm not sure whether I will just be throwing good money after bad. In light of the Financial Ombudsman's findings,

Attachment: 2015-03-17_161641_chris_cobb1.pdf

might the court come to the same conclusion?

Expert:  Joshua replied 1 year ago.
the attachments you kindly provide do not in themselves prevent you raising a claim on the above grounds. However, nor does it follow that the outcome of the claim would definitely be in your favour.

In order to best achieve an outcome in your favour, you would need to work through the promotional material you received for the course point by point and demonstrate evidence why you consider each point you highlight to be a misrepresentation or that the individual failed to provide adequate quality or the service described

if you consider having done so that you can demonstrate that a substantial number of the promises and representations made to you where misrepresentations are not fulfilled, you may consider pursuing a claim. Consumer legislation is very strong. This does not mean a consumer will always secure a refund but where a consumer can show that a service was misrepresented or not delivered to a reasonable standard, damages and refunds can be claimed

costs of pursuing small claims actions are not overly burdensome particularly as legal costs cannot be claimed. the cost of issuing a claim can be found using the following link on pages 3 and 5 - you will note it is cheaper to issue online using MCOL (link above):

if you are successful, court fees can be reclaimed

Do you have any other questions on this or does the above answer everything you needed to know for now?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Hi Joshua,

I hope you can open this...


At your leisure, I know it's a bit long... but It could have a bearing on your advice?

Expert:  Joshua replied 1 year ago.
I cannot see that it does. You may wish to consider proceeding along the above lines.

Have I been able to help you with all your questions on the above?
Joshua, Lawyer
Category: Law
Satisfied Customers: 25358
Experience: LL.B (Hons), Higher Prof. Dip. Law & Practice
Joshua and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.


I submitted an online claim on the 20/03/2015.

I wasn't expecting such a small space to outline my claim particulars.

I wrote:-

I am claiming for breach of contact: the reason being the service not being fit for purpose and not as described in the 35 page promotional material. Which made various claims about what I would receive. I believe my rights under distance selling regulations 2000 were compromised by the fact I was coerced into signing a waiver against any rights to a refund, which was shown to me well after the time stated on the paperwork. I never received Insider Secrets, the system, sales letters, products and automated functions, 500 leads(names and e-mails), documented Step by Step Instructions, my very own CPA Marketing Website. There was no mention in the promotional material of more financial outlay in Joint Venture projects or that the products/services offered would be staggered, which would take you out of cancellation periods. In fact the promotional material states previous students earnings and amounts within 24 hrs, 48 hrs, and 1 week. It claims you can get all this for - just £2,497.00.

Chris Cobb has already told me that he would fight any claim against him. I don't know whether my paying with a debit card was what lost my claim with the bank, or Mr Cobbs claim that I stopped the training myself and I did sign the waiver. As I've already stated this guy is very cleaver, Knowing I had pre-payed and would sign the paperwork or risk loosing everything that was on offer or most of my money on his claim for expenses. I guess it's a long shot that the court will find in my favour but it will haunt me, if I didn't try. One point I should mention is that he's letters in response to mine were on headed paper: - 1K System Ltd.

The two documents that he had me sign, he counter signed as Chris Cobb (on behalf of 1K System Ltd.) You may recall I paid AIS System, I have also noticed on paperwork a copyright notation : Automated Income Stream Ltd.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Hello Joshua,

Is there a reason why you haven't replied to my reply?

Expert:  Joshua replied 1 year ago.
My apologies for the delay in reverting to you. I have been away for a few days. Do you still require assistance with the above?

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