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If the UK exits the EU, would that have any consequences for

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If the UK exits the EU, would that have any consequences for me and my wife? I am German (have my registration certificate) and my wife is a US citizen (has her residence card). We came here in the 2012. I know this is very hypothetical, but is it at all
perceivable, that we would have to leave some day?
Welcome to Just Answer
Your question is very theoretical but I can understand your concerns given the position of your wife and yourself.
Having thought about this, (not being an immigration specialist at all but likes a challenge of research) I would say that your question could almost be turned on its head.
Millions of British Ex Pats live abroad in the EU. They would find themselves having to apply for immigration status in the countries in which they are residing.
I imagine worst case you would also have to apply for immigration status here. It would be hoped that the government would be more lenient to those already residing here. Perhaps they would have separate regimes running concurrently ie dealing with cases under different rules 1) before exit under the current rules and 2) those seeking immigration after exit under new rules. That would seem fair.
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