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Standard Disclosure of Documents by list and disclosure of

Resolved Question:

Standard Disclosure of Documents by list and disclosure of conveyancing file: Boundary Claim Fast Track
Following a directions hearing above disclosure needs to be made by end of next week.
The order then says Inspection of documents to take place in a week from disclosure(date)
1)Do I need to provide just an index/ list of documents I wish to rely on i.e. 1)Land Registry Maps, 2)GPS Survey, etc , or do I need to provide the actual documents,approx 100 pages from purchase of my house.
2)Do I need to disclose everything or only what I wish to rely on e.g. I wouldn't want the defendants to know purchase price or deposit paid or name of the bank etc as it is irrelevant to boundary claim
3)Does a copy needs to be sent to the court
Thank you
Can this be done electronically
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Thomas Judge replied 2 years ago.
You need to provide a list of everything which is relevant to the case and to the dispute. The search for such relevant documents should be proportionate to the issues in dispute (and costs). You provide a list and are entitled to charge a reasonable fee for the cost of photocopy of ay documents which they seek disclosure of or they can make arrangements to see the documents. A copy of the list needs to go to the court. There is no reason for them to see the bank account details - presumably it is only documents about the boundary. Please rate positive.
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