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A lady reversed into my van and admitted liability and I have

Resolved Question:

A lady reversed into my van and admitted liability and I have a company called accident exchange sorting my claim instead of my insurance company and the third party insurers are disputing the rental charges for the hire van that I had and charges for the removal of my shelving from my van and re-fitting once the repairs were carried out. Now the legal team are taking the third party insurers to court and I'm to attend and I'm wanting to know what the worst that can happen from the outcome
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  JustAnswerKM replied 1 year ago.
Good eveningThank you for your message, I will do my best to help.If the 3rd party insurers have a sum in mind to reimburse you for your expenses and/or refuses to pay anything and the judge at the hearing agrees with them - they win. The worst that could happen is that you pay for their legal costs for bringing the action plus your own costs. If you have taken out some form of insurance to cover the costs if you lose (such as after the event insurance) then you will not have to pay them. You must check your agreement with your Solicitors. See how much of their costs you are liable for in the event that you lose.In short, the worst outcome is that you pay everybody's costs if you do not have insurance in place.Find out how much the other side's costs are and your solicitor's costs are for just this application (not the entire claim) for an idea of what you may have to pay out.I hope that helps.Best of luckKind regardsKrystelPlease rate my answer so I can be credited for it.Thank you
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Expert:  JustAnswerKM replied 1 year ago.
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