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Following my last request I would like to state that I

Resolved Question:

Following my last request I would like to state that I do have the original will and it was registered and is the same as the will provided by the probate office.
Although the answer you gave was a long one, you did not answer the essential point of how do I get the bank to look into this matter since they maintain that they are not and were not the executors.
My grandmother's estate was valued at + - £17,000 et the time of her death. My father was her main beneficiary but monies legued to my brother, sister and myself were not paid out. It is my understanding that when a bank is ordered to pay out monies to beneficiaries at a deferred date that the bank is obligated to put those sums aside until the due date. I would like to know what happened to that money.
I have written to the bank, they have answered that they are not the executors and therefor will not look into my request, I am not happy with their reply as my grandmother clearly designated the National Provincial as her "Executors and Trustees". I would like advice on what steps I can take to get the NatWest to look into this situation.YoursLouise Griffin
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  JustAnswerKM replied 1 year ago.
Dear LouiseThat is good news that the Will was registered. So long as there were no issues with the validity of the Will, you can rely on it as being proven and therefore the named executors must uphold their duties. Ensure a copy of the letter you sent, went to the Estate Administration Team at Natwest. If you get nowhere with that, ask for the details of the head of department. Warn them that Court action may be taken if the matter is not looked into thoroughly. This should alert them because they have responsibilities to the Financial Conduct Authority and Solicitors Regulation Authority. You may need to liaise with the FCA and ask what redress is available to you in this sort of situation.If still you get nowhere, speak to a Solicitor specialising in professional negligence Solicitor and ask them about the causes of action available to you. If on the facts there is a cause for action, they can issue a letter before claim and hopefully then the bank will provide a more substantive response without the need for litigation. Krystel
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Expert:  JustAnswerKM replied 1 year ago.
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