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HMRC made a clerical error in my address

Customer Question

Dear Sir or Madam,
HMRC made a clerical error in my address and spent 3 years writing to this wrong address.
During this time, they also invented a Business that didn't exist and dreamed up a £30k fee for imaginary income.
I defended myself in Court and won the case, which means that HMRC owe me around £250k, however, HMRC refused to accept the Court Judgement and the Inspector accused me of having an imaginary secret stash of cash that has never existed and informed me that if I didn't pay, "You will be Crushed".
Subsequently, for 8 years, I have continued to fight the Ombudsman, who supposedly exists to help?
I won this battle of letters and an investigation was granted, however, the Ombudsman then simply refused to investigate.
During these 8-years I have received unexplainable persecution from each and every Civil Service that I have had need to deal with, degenerating to being deliberately gassed in my own home by the local Council, following this close call with death I was lead to believe that I was to be admitted into the General Hospital for observation, however, the taxi delivered me to a high security Psychiatric Hospital, where I was held against my will for 15 days and subjected to sleep deprivation torture. Every 30 minutes during the nights, a very bright light was shone into my eyes and the daytime included Therapists chanting, "The faulty plumbing exists only in your mind". Friends and neighbours came to my aid, however, the Hospital did not release me until pressured with 21 signed affidavits and a Chartered Surveyors report confirming the existence of Hydrogen Sulphide.
During my imprisonment, no mental health issues have been recorded, no section was issued and the Hospital is now claiming that I was a voluntary patient.
My survival of these heinous activities has exposed the HMRC "Crush" and despite possessing evidence to support these facts, the Local Government Ombudsman refuses to even look at the Surveyors Report and refuses to investigate and the Parliamentary Ombudsman refuses to investigate the Hospital. Furthermore, despite the Interim Senior Matron admitting that my imprisonment and torture was by directive of a Senior Civil Servant, the Police refuse to look at the Surveyors Report and refuse to investigate.
The 8-years war of writing won, was fighting HMRC and Ombudsman Dames and consequently, these heinous activities are supported with cover-ups by all Civil Services and directed from above the authority of Ombudsman and Police.
A lot of "Crush" can be fitted into 10-years and the above is a mere précis of the persecution I have endured so far. I have evidence of all of the above activities, yet not one of the Services that supposedly exist to assist will even look at it.
I have tried each and every way to engage professional assistance, however, this "Crush" is not the secret it might be and not a single Solicitor dare take on this case.
Please could you inform me what course(s) of action is/are available to me?
Thank you
David Payne
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 1 year ago.
Hello, my name is***** am a qualified lawyer and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today.
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 1 year ago.
Sorry I picked up this question in error, it is open to all other experts and hopefully someone will pick it up to deal with soon
Expert:  Ash replied 1 year ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.What is it you want to achieve please David?Alex