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Once a Life prisoner has been released and the supervision

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Once a Life prisoner has been released and the supervision removed by Probation what are the limitations on travel?
It depends.What type of licence conditions are there?
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The Licence was a standard Licence headed "Crime (Sentence) Act 1997.
Clauses 1-3 incl - are to attend Probation for supervision - removed 16/12/2014.
Clause 4 - Must reside at ........ - no longer relevant as I have married (with best wishes from Home Prob) and live in BATH.
Clause 5 - He shall undertake work as approved by supervising officer - no longer relevant - I am also retired at 71 years old.
Clause 6 - He shall not travel outside the UK - I thought this was only relevant whilst on Supervision. Have been allowed to visit Mother-in-Law on Jersey several times.
Clause 7 He shall be well behaved etc etc. I HAVE AN OASYS of 1 (one) this was my value both in prison and out.
Clause 8 Must not contact wife or family of deceased - I have not and will not they lived in England.
Clause 9 Must inform Prob Off of relationships - he knows of my marriage on 10/09/2015.
Clause 10 Must not contact Penny Tomkins - I have not nor will I. I have no idea where she lives.
Those are my conditions.
Ok. Is there a new residence condition? I don't need the address but does one exist?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No my marriage was accepted by Probation. My wife met the Head of Probation at Uxbridge, Middx just after release into the community and was given their blessing. I could have moved down to Bath four years ago but would have meant changing Probation Offices and building a new set of relationships. So all concerned agree to wait for my move till supervision had been removed.
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I have requested a phone call twice with zero response.
I have answered your two questions within minutes.
I am terminating this contact and live with the fact that I have thrown away £38,
Can you give me a time as I'm going out at 18-30 and arriving back at 20-30?
Ok. I will not be able to continue then.
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Where does that leave me?
Do you pass on my information to another solicitor?
Do I get my money back?
How can your company provide a service when the solicitor is not dedicated toa request which they are paying for?
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