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Me and my (ex-)wife divorced recently and we have to reach a

Resolved Question:

Me and my (ex-)wife divorced recently and we have to reach a financial agreement.
I have received a letter from her Solicitor asking me for all the financial details:
Bank account details from the last 12 months - my bank account is not 12 months old and I do not have the statements from the previous account - Is that going to be an issue? Also, I have another bank account my wife does not know about - do I have to declare that as well and what happens if I do not?
Life insurance
Pension rights - I have a private pension and they ask for the CETV
Employment income for the last 3 months
Am I legally bound to offer all that information or is there a minimum I have to provide?
I have asked her Solicitor this question as about any information my wife gave them about me that they intend to use in this process or anything else they would be required by law to inform me of, but I did not receive any answer by now.
I am currently pending trial on the 15th July for assaulting her during an argument - there were no other evidence of me doing that apart for her calling the Police and crying, but I have been arrested and charged anyway. The charges against me rely on the fact that I admitted to grab her neck and pushed her away from me after she spat into my face and kept hitting me. - Is that going to have any effect on the financial settlement?
Basically, what can I possibly expect the outcome to be?
Thank you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

The fact that you may be charged with assault or something else is not relevant to a financial settlement.

You have to sign a statement of truth on your financial declaration and to lie on it is perjury.

You have to do supply all the information they have asked for and your ex-wife has to do the same to you.

Is likely that you would be charged with section 39,, assault and receive a fine or community service if found guilty. There doesn’t have to be any physical contact. A person just has to fear immediate physical violence.

Can I clarify anything for you?

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