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F E Smith
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Conveyancing English & Welsh law. I am a paralegal. My

Resolved Question:

English & Welsh law.
I am a paralegal.
My client are buying a 10 acre field.
I have only done conveyancing on residential property before.
What searches should I undertake? Are they the same as for property?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

It is just a piece of land and hence, the searches would be the same as for any other piece of land.

If however there is any business element you need to ask the seller to let you have replies to Commercial Standard Property Enquiries 1. (There are 4 different ones). You would ask for replies to CPSE1. It’s not normally necessary to send the questionnaire. They are available on the Internet free of charge.

You also need to ask the question as to whether there are any agricultural restrictions on the land.

Depending on what the client intends to do with the land you need to be particularly vigilant with regard to any restrictive covenants in the title or planning restrictions in the local search.

Because of the extent of the land, you need to make sure that the client knows exactly the extent of the land they are buying and you need to point that out specifically on the plan and ask them to confirm. It is a good idea to walk the boundary with the client and compare it to the plan and get the client to confirm, by signing the plan, that it accords with what they think they are buying.

As this is likely to border onto land which is potentially owned by several other people, you need to ascertain exactly who owns any boundary features and fences.

The process is actually no different than a residential conveyance, it’s just that there is just a lot more physically on the ground.

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