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How would I go about getting someone charged for peadophilic

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How would I go about getting someone charged for peadophilic rape that happened 30 years ago? It has caused so much suffering in my family I really feel justice is required!
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
On second thought it was more than 30 years more like 50 though went on for 10 years!

If this is the case being brought by an individual against another individual the chance of it actually succeeding in court is less than 50%. I have had one such case where there is no doubt in my mind that the abuse happened 20 years previously but the prosecution failed to prove the case. In that case, it was a daughter against a father. The daughter had not seen the father for over 25 years.

The high profile cases you read about in the press with celebrities and schoolteachers and clergymen and suchlike succeed because of the weight of testimony evidence against the perpetrators and because of the consistency of the testimony evidence across the culprits.

You ask how you go about it. It is quite simply a case of going to the police and recounting all the fat’s to them and them making a decision.

Can I clarify anything else for you?

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