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Dr. Sohaib
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i had sex last night and when i start to ejaculate i had pain

Customer Question

i had sex last night and when i start to ejaculate i had pain in the end of my penis from inside and i discovered that there is some blood in the condom this morning every time i urinate when i finish some drops of blood come out and i am very worry. my age is 43.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Sohaib replied 4 years ago.
Welcome to just answer and thank you for your question.
Well there are few important reasons which can possibly be responsible for the symptoms you have.
First of all, this can be due to trauma (the most common cause) during the sexual activity and this is usually unnoticed by many unless this causes various symptoms you have. Urethral mucosa (within the penis) is very sensitive and easily gets injured due to friction, infection etc which can manifest in the form of pain, burning sensation while passing urine and passage of blood from Urethra.
Then infections are the second most common reason for similar symptoms you 5have.
A Stone in the urinary tract such as in the bladder or Urethra can give you blood in the urine and also predispose the urinary tract to various kind of infections which can further precipitate the bleeding.
Lastly, and least likely in your case, a tumor or a cancer can be the underlying reason behind this.
At this point, as per standard guidelines you should have this examined clinically by your doctor discussing all the details i have mentioned to get a management plan chalked out that suits best to your needs. Tests like urine examination, CBC, Urethral swab for culture, STD screen and imaging studies like ultrasound of the urinary tract will be of great help to determine the cause for your symptoms and will be helpful in deciding a specific treatment to provide you cure.
While awaiting consultation you should drink ample amount of water daily which is helpful to flush out any infection and prevent deterioration in the injured mucosa.
Abstain from sexual activity for few days until this resolves completely.
For pain control you can use tylenol or paracetamol as well.

I would have been worried too if i were at your place but let me reassure you that it is a treatable condition and carries a good prognosis with appropriate management.
Stay relaxed.
Thank you very much for visiting us.
I hope this clarifies and answers your question.
Kindest regards and goodluck.
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