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Hello, I wondered if you could help at all. Until the beginning

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I wondered if you could help at all. Until the beginning of this year I have always been fairly fit and healthy but since January seem to have been constantly run down with flu, a bout of d&v, an infected wind pipe, sore throats etc. However more worryingly I have now had severe diarrhoea for over four weeks and am getting increasing waves of nausea. I have had a stool test which came back negative for viruses and so have booked another appointment with the doctor but have to wait two weeks.
I am female and 32 and as mentioned have always been fairly healthy, having just left the army at the end of last year. However I really am feeling slightly worried as I have juts not felt myself for months now.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  jbmd replied 4 years ago.

jbmd :

Hi--I'd like to try and help you. Where were you deployed in the service? Besides viruses, there are chronic bacteria and parasites found in many countries, often contaminating the water. Also, does any chronic bowel disease run in your family?

jbmd :

Something debilitating like this shouldn't take weeks to get evaluated by the doctors.

jbmd :

I am on the West Coast of the US, about 8 hours from GB, so if you answer there may be a delay in my response but I will respond. I have seen people have amoebic dysentery for a year and more and don't want this to happen to you. The problem can be infection or autoimmune but it needs be sorted out.

JACUSTOMER-o8py8mru- : Hello jbmd,
JACUSTOMER-o8py8mru- : Hello jbmd, thanks for getting back to me on this. Yes I was on active service and got back from active service in Afghanistan last year...ready for a change after 8 years as an officer in the army! I did visit India and Nepal in April, I wonder if I could have picked something up there, although I didn't start suffering from diarrhoea until June? Any thoughts as to what tests I should ask for at my doctors - I just don't want to be palmed off with 'IBS' and told to adjust my diet until I have established all other options.
JACUSTOMER-o8py8mru- : thanks again, jude
jbmd :

You need to put in a sample of the worst, most liquid diarrhea several times for a check of "Ova and parasites"

jbmd :

Those countries are rife with parasites.

jbmd :

Odds are picked up in Nepal or India as in Afghanistan you probably only at rations.

jbmd :

A treatment if something is found should set you right

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