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My mum, 84, other wise very fit for her age was being treated

Resolved Question:

My mum, 84, other wise very fit for her age was being treated for UTI. Taken nitrofurantoin daily for months (under urologist because of kidney stones). GP started her on amoxycillin 10 days ago initial improvement but then worsened. 5 days ago changes to trimethoprim. 2 days later unable to communicate or move voluntarily, became delirious, hypersensitive to touch and light. Taken to ER, had a fit and became unconscious. Transferred to intensive care. Vital signs have remained within normal parameters throughout. No indication of brain infection in microbiology or ct scan. Yesterday ceased sedation to see if she would wake. Didn't open eyes, unresponsive to light or voice but body very agitated, I believe still delirious. Medical team at a total loss so resedated her. Any ideas please?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 3 years ago.
This is Dr. David

I am so sorry about your mother.

I'm sure they have checked her urine to check for infections.

she needs a brain MRI scan to check for signs of stroke in the brain. a brain MRI scan is much more detailed than a brain CT scan at looking for small strokes.

did they do a spinal tap? that is the best way to check for brain infection or infection around the fluid of the brain.

she could have sent a blood clot to the brain. an MR Angiogram is a good way to check the blood flow around the brain to look for blood clots.

she should be able to have an MRI and MRA of the brain while on a ventilator.

let me know what these test show
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