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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 46688
Experience:  Board Certified Physician
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Hi dr David the headache is going now but I still have a few

Resolved Question:

Hi dr David the headache is going now but I still have a few tiny pains is this the tension on its way out ? Also can I ask you a question re the liver
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 3 years ago.
Dr. David :

This is Dr. David

Dr. David :

yes, I am here.

Customer: Hi dr David. Mark here again sorry to bother you
Customer: I feel fine the headache that you reassured me about is going. How do I stop it coming back in the morning it always goes when I relax in the evening !
Dr. David :

you need to work on relaxation techniques

Dr. David :

like meditation and deep breathing exercise to help decrease your anxiety

Customer: Ok I'm trying the triad method ? But I need to convince myself it's not serious which you have done ?
Dr. David :

yes, it is not serious.

Dr. David :

tension and stress and anxiety induced headaches.

Customer: They can last Dailey with me for ages then they go for ages and I get ibs or something else I'm guessing you see this a lot ?
Dr. David :

yes, we see a lot of patients who have excessive anxiety come to JustAnswers for reassurance.

Customer: Thank you for your help on this can I ask you a question re my liver. Now my weight and alt are low. And I can relax my diet a little but continue my exercise. How do I know if it's not rising again it makes me panic that I need blood tests every week ??!!!!!
Dr. David :

no, you don't need blood work every week.

Dr. David :

you need blood work to check on your liver every 6-12 months.

Dr. David :

even if it rises again, most likely it will be temporary like it was before.

Dr. David :

so you don't have to check every week.

Dr. David :

your liver will be fine.

Customer: Also I run 4 k a day. And today I ran and at the end felt a little light headed my wife says it's sinus that we all have at mo I think it could be anxiety ?? But it's not serious ?? I feel fine.
Customer: Wow. At last a proper answer. So as long as I keep excersising eating healthy most of the time and don't gain weight it should be good long term even though it may rise at some stage. Is there a way I can make it never rise or am I being silly I'm guessing everybody alt rises without them knowing at certain times and it's crazy to try to chase it ?
Dr. David :

with your lifestyle you are not causing your ALT or AST to rise

Customer: But the odd cake and a meal out with a glass of wine. Will not immediately raise it ? As long as I'm doing the exercise to burn the calories ? And the lightheaded feeling anxiety ?
Dr. David :

no, cake and wine with dinner will not rise your ALT and AST levels.

Dr. David :

you probably was passing a small bile stone which caused the temporary rise before.

Dr. David :

I would not worry about this.

Customer: No I had fatty infiltration. On the ultrasound. I got it from 100 down to 25. The alt loosing 4 stone in weight. My specialist says my results are amazing. And the early Nash is no longer Nash that's why I'm worried about the alt all the time
Dr. David :

well, you have done the work already to loose the weight.

Customer: So that has removed the inflammation.
Dr. David :


Customer: Land most of the fat ?
Customer: Is there anyway to remove it all or would that mean going well underweight
Customer: And is it the excersize that keeps the fat from returning by burning excess calories quickly
Dr. David :

yes, the exercise keeps you from gaining weight.

Dr. David :

you can't remove all of the fat which has deposited in your liver.

Customer: But enough to make it work perfectly as before ?
Dr. David :

yes, your live can heal.

Customer: Does everyone have a certain amount if fat in there liver
Dr. David :

not everyone.

Customer: Ok should I forget the lightheaded ness ?? As anxiety. Can I live a normal life now I have reversed the Nash ? Intake it this was very mild liver problem I had ?
Dr. David :

yes, you should forget the lightheadedness.

Dr. David :

from anxiety

Dr. David :

or sinus inflammation

Customer: Alt 25 ast 28 gamma gt 10. These now seem as good as anyone Thanks dr David. I am more relaxed now. You have reassured me
Dr. David :

you are welcome

Dr. David :

don't forget positive feedback below

Dr. David :

thanks for using

Customer: Is the fat in the liver genetic ? And are the numbers above good liver results
Customer: Positive feedback as always !!!!!!!!!
Dr. David :

yes, those are normal liver enzyme levels.

Dr. David :

don't don't know why some people get fatty replacement of their liver.

Customer: Relax forget headache ? As long as my liver levels are normal it's working well ??? And if the alt rises I can get it down again and now I reversed it I can live a normal life ?
Dr. David :

get some allergy treatments for your sinuses and allergies

Dr. David :

that could help your headaches.

Customer: Ok. Normal life with my liver ???? No panicking ?? Have a good evening
Dr. David :

yes, normal life.

Dr. David :

no panicking.

Dr. David :

but with your anxiety disorder, you probably will continue to worry.

Customer: Il try my best dr David to relax more. And thanks again. Do you deal with fatty liver often ???
Customer: Excellent feed back on its way can you log my details so you have my history if I contact you again ??
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