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Dr Uzair
Dr Uzair, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  MBBS, FCPS (R) General Surgery. Years of experience in Emergency Medicine.
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Hi. Around 4 months ago I started getting lots of yellow

Resolved Question:

Around 4 months ago I started getting lots of yellow phlegm and soon after a feeling like there was a lump in my throat. 3/4 weeks ago I went to the Drs again and was given antibiotics as my chest was crackling. That seems to have gone but I still have the phlegm and a cough. I have a lymph node up on each side (currently pea size) and noticed that underneath my chin/jaw is swollen.
I am getting acid feeling a few times a day to and my neck area is itchy.
I am due to see ENT im a month but I am currently on holiday having panic attacks as I am sure I am seriously ill.
So in short I still have the lumpy throat feeling, cough, swollen chin and lymph nodes. Also one tonsil has been up for at least 4 months and the other side is barely there. There are some crypts in the tonsil and my tongu is covered in white fur.
I am incredibly scared.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Uzair replied 3 years ago.
Dr Uzair :

Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.

Dr Uzair :

Do you experience any a fever?

Dr Uzair :

Please enter chat and use reply to respond.

Customer: No I did have flu like symptoms for a day a couple of weeks ago but nothing since
Dr Uzair :

Do you feel any fatigue or malaise, generalized body aches?

Dr Uzair :

Are you there?

Customer: My neck can be quite stiff. I feel a little tired at times but not excessive. I've been having problems sleeping at night most times. Probably with worry
Customer: Yes I replied
Dr Uzair :

Okay. Are you on any medications at the moment or do you have any previously diagnosed medical conditions that you would like to mention?

Customer: Not been on anything really. Used to take mirtazpine but stopped it before this happened
Dr Uzair :

Okay. First of all, there is nothing to worry about or be scared about.

Dr Uzair :

The throat and chest infection you had was a severe one and has settled down mostly, lymph nodes take a few months to go away when enlarged because of an infection and sometimes, they might stay longer.

Dr Uzair :

However, there does seem to be some residual infection in the tonsils, which could be due to constant irritation and that could also be adding to the persistent symptoms and the enlarged lymph nodes.

Customer: Before this happened I was getting weird head pains on one side actually and felt neck was stiff (swollen tonsil side) also I felt my vision was going strange. It all seems to be on one side. But I do have a squint in that eye and was experiencing high anxiety
Dr Uzair :

An ENT consultation is the best course of action but the sooner it is done, the better.

Dr Uzair :

Yes, your anxiety does seem to be playing a role in the whole situation by making you worry more than you should, it is good to be proactive about your illness but it sometimes harms to be over concerned about things especially when anxiety is a problem.

Customer: I am scared of lymphoma as now the swollen jaw has started. Also I get the occasional tooth pain and ear pain but it's not constant on severe.
Dr Uzair :

I would suggest that you ask your physician to reschedule the ENT appointment for you to an earlier date or if you can do that yourself by calling in the ENT's office and ask them for an earlier slot.

Dr Uzair :

Lymphoma does not present like this.

Customer: Could there be any neck/throat cancer?
Dr Uzair :

There are symptoms known as B symptoms which include evening rise low grade fever, cold sweats, weight loss, loss of appetite and generalized fatigue along with a big mass in the neck - lymph nodes matted together.

Dr Uzair :

Most oral and throat cancers also present with the above symptoms. Constant phlegm and throat irritation are not signs of cancer.

Customer: So this could just be a lingering infection?
Dr Uzair :

Yes, that is the most probable diagnosis here.

Customer: Everything I've read has pointed to cancer.
Dr Uzair :

But that does not mean that you do not follow up with your doctors since infections need to be treated before they they have their sequlae.

Customer: especially people saying that assymetric tonsils are a sign of tonsil cancer
Dr Uzair :

Googling symptoms always shows cancer. Actually, the search engines are not intelligent enough, when you write a particular symptom on a search engine, it enlists all the conditions that can cause that particular symptoms and cancer being the most searched key word on the internet always shows up on top.

Dr Uzair :

In other words, it is because the search engines are not intelligent that doctors have a job.

Customer: Are uneven tonsils a worry generally? One is the size of a walnut and one barely there
Dr Uzair :

A physician can correlate symptoms with history and the relevant investigations and give an intelligent diagnosis.

Dr Uzair :

Uneven tonsils are a sign of worry, but cancer wouldn't be on the top with your symptoms and with uneven tonsils. Most people generally can not see tonsils and think the lateral pharyngeal walls are the tonsils.

Dr Uzair :

In brief, I would advise you not to worry, not to google symptoms and to re schedule your ENT appointment to an earlier date.

Dr Uzair :

Also, sleep with a head up tilt at night to avoid acid reflux. Avoid hot beverages and fizzy drinks and alcohol. Avoid spicy, salted, smoked and barbecued foods.

Dr Uzair :

Steam inhalations thrice a day and cough out the phlegm as much as you can after the steam inhalations, add menthol crystals to the steamer.

Customer: Thank you. I've completely ruined my husbands holiday abroad with this :( and mine. I am scared of surgery as I have a high BMI. I know you can't tell for sure but are they likely to remove the tonsil? I heard that's the only way they can tell if it's dangerous.
Dr Uzair :

They can remove the tonsil and it is not a very major procedure and can be done in patients with a high BMI.

Customer: Im
Customer: I'm scared of everything. Esp not waking up. By the way, I guess the phlegm has lessened greatly but still feels lumpy. I guess acid could have irritated my throat and also caused the cough?
Dr Uzair :

Yes, it acid reflux is a common cause of throat infection, irritation and even lower respiratory tract infections.

Customer: One last thing, sorry. Will the ENT know if it is cancerous or would they need to remove it?
Dr Uzair :

He will be able to tell looking at it and cancer or not, if the tonsil is infected, it will be better off being removed to avoid problems in the future.

Customer: But nothing I have mentioned sounds like cancer without looking? The swollen jaw scared me further this morning.
Dr Uzair :

Oral cancers present with painful masses, ear pain, throat pain, pain while swallowing and this pain is excruciating not an ordinary 3 or 4 /10 pain but a 7-8/10 pain. They present with sores, bad breath (rotten meat), bloody saliva and the B symptoms that I mentioned. So, stop worrying about cancer, you do not have these symptoms.

Dr Uzair :

My advice, do not jump to conclusions before your physician, that is the best way to stay calm.

Customer: Thank you so much. I will try to relax a bit. I can't wait for my ENT appointment to get it looked at. Thank you for your time x
Dr Uzair :

It was a pleasure.

Dr Uzair :

Please do leave a positive rating for the service.

Dr Uzair :

Come back anytime if you have more queries. Best wishes and feel better soon.

Customer: Will do. Thank you. By the way is there any way I can save this conversation? So I can reassure myself later
Dr Uzair :

This will be saved in your account.

Dr Uzair :

You can come click on it to review it again in the thread.

Customer: Brilliant. Thank you. Leaving rating now.
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