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Dr Basu
Dr Basu, Experienced Specialist
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Hi in August I had a CTPA and that picked up some ground glass

Customer Question

Hi in August I had a CTPA and that picked up some ground glass opacity in the lower lobes, I will paste in the scan report below.. I have asked on here before about it being an early sign of lung cancer and have been assured it's not cancer.. I have now in the past week developed symptoms of acute bronchitis, I have been coughing up thick green phlegm and also have a sore throat with some hoarseness in my voice. I have read online that phlegm can be linked to lung cancer and now am in a panic that it might be lung cancer.. Please see report : CT Angiogram pulmonary: No definite pulmonary artery embolus demonstrated. No mass, no consolidation and no enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes.
On review on lung windows there is some slightly increased ground-glass opacity in the posterior lower lobes which probably represents dependent change although early infection is also a possiblity.
On review on bone windows no definite destructive bone lesion is seen.
In summary no definite pulmonary embolus demonstrated.
(scan done 11th August 2014)
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Basu replied 3 years ago.
Dr Basu :

Hi there, This is Dr Basu, Experienced Specialist. I am here to address your concerns and provide great service.

Dr Basu :

YOur CT scan result is very reassuring.

Dr Basu :

There is no lymph node or any solid lesion.

Customer : Hi dr
Dr Basu :

You mild ground glass opacity which is commonly seen with infection.

Dr Basu :

So you likely have mild pneumonia

Dr Basu :

a course of antibiotic should be considered.

Dr Basu :

There is no finding suggestive of lung cancer in the CT scan.

Customer : But that scan was in August, my symptoms have stated last week
Dr Basu :

that is still considered recent.

Customer : ok
Dr Basu :

current symptoms likely also infection related

Dr Basu :

viral infection more likely.

Customer : i keep having to cough to release green phlem from my lungs and read about it being one of the symptoms with lung cancer
Dr Basu :

no that is not typical

Dr Basu :

in case of cancer you would have been more sick by now

Dr Basu :

and the CT scan will not miss it.

Dr Basu :

in fact lung cancer is much less common at your age.

Dr Basu :

any family history?

Customer : in the past 9 years I have had approx 10-12 CTPA's .. Would this not have developed lung cancer? Or does it take decades? No family history apart from my grandad who got lung cancer at the age of 68 but he had been a heavy smoker.. I smoked for approx 12 years and gave up 5 years ago
Dr Basu :


Dr Basu :

so far these CT failed to show any suspicious lesions.

Dr Basu :

So it is very unlikely you will develop one later.

Customer : I feel a bit reassured now.. How long should i give this cough to clear up?
Dr Basu :

usually a week or so

Customer : Ok can I just ask another quick question please?
Dr Basu :


Customer : I live in the UK which is rabies free.. But yesterday I stroked a stray cat, if by chance that cat had rabies would I have put myself at any risk by stroking its head?
Dr Basu :

Not at all.

Customer : Sorry for sounding silly
Dr Basu :

Cats are not a common carrier

Dr Basu :

and just stroking head does not transmit rabies

Customer : I understand the rabies virus cannot survive long outside its host so even if the cat had cleaned itself with its paws like they do with their saliva etc I still would not have been at risk?
Dr Basu :

No still no risk

Customer : Phew
Customer : Was panicking
Customer : So to conclude
Dr Basu :

do not worry

Customer : My chesty cough and sore throat and hoarseness at not linked to any type of lung cancer? Also is GGO a common finding?
Dr Basu :

Not related to the cancer

Dr Basu :

Yes GGO is a common finding

Customer : Ok thanks for your advice doc.. I got some amoxicillin on Friday from my gp so will see if that helps or not
Dr Basu :

That will help if this is bacterial.

Dr Basu :

in case of viral, you will get better over time

Customer : I'm thinking it might be viral because a lot of people out there have been coughing and spluttering
Dr Basu :

that is more likely

Customer : I was at the mosque yesterday for eid prayers and there was loads of coughing going on
Dr Basu :

ok --that is easy way to pick up a virus :)

Customer : Ok thanks
Dr Basu :

Happy Eid by the way

Customer : Thanks
Dr Basu :


Customer : That's all I had to ask.. Thanks for your time.. Have a nice day
Dr Basu :

Best wishes

Dr Basu and other Medical Specialists are ready to help you