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I developed pernicious anaemia 3 years ago. I had loss of sensation

Resolved Question:

I developed pernicious anaemia 3 years ago. I had loss of sensation which progressed upwards from my toes and fingertips and at one point felt like a band around my chest. I started to take B12 injections and some of the loss of sensation resolved. My fingers became ok again (previously I had difficulty with buttons etc). However, I still have altered sensation in my feet and left lower leg. I sometimes get cramps/spasms in my right foot. I feel I have weakness in my ankles. Sometimes my toes seem to catch as I walk so I trip slightly. Before I was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia I had an episode of severe back pain, this resolved after approx 6 weeks. (January 2012 - pernicious anaemia diagnosed July 2012). I take monthly hydroxocobalamin injections. I am also taking pregabalin bd. I also have severe pain in my right ankle, mostly when waking and walking first thing of a morning but also after sitting for a short while. The pain is prevented by walking on tip toe on my right foot. Do you think these are all connected and is there any other treatment or investigation that I should be requesting?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. SH replied 2 years ago.
If you have not had your vitamin D levels tested, I would request that you should have those tested as well.
A low level of vitamin D can cause these symptoms.
Additionally I would recommend that you should have your calcium, magnesium and phosphate levels checked as well to be sure they are okay because a low levels of these can also be the cause of your symptoms.
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