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I am just wondering who I should visit to eliminate my vaginal

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Hi I am just wondering who I should visit to eliminate my vaginal discharge? thank you
Hello from JustAnswer.
What specialists have you seen thus far for this?
Do you have the results of a microscopic examination of the discharge?
Has there been any interventions to try to help with the discharge?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Iv been to a gynecologist within the NHS but never seem to get anywhere they just dismiss me saying it's normal, but im willing to go private now but just wondering which specialist I would need to see? do you think it could be treated?

thank you

A Gynecologist would be the appropriate specialist, and would be available as a private consultation.

Whether it can be treated will first require an assessment of the cause. It sounds like you have had a proper evaluation for the medical causes of a discharge, although the usual next step would be to review the evaluation that has already been done, and that would start with the microscopic examination of the discharge.

If there is no medical cause that can be identified, then another consideration to explain a discharge would be an alteration in the normal germs in the vagina. This is not really a disease process, but promoting the growth of certain germs that are always present in the vagina may help ease the discharge symptoms. From that perspective, it may help to take an oral probiotic that contains Lactobacillus, and this is something that you can do until you can be seen by a private Gynecologist.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thank you for your reply, I'm about to ring up to book in with a gynecologist but there are 7, would they have to have a special interest in a certain area as they all have different credentials? or could I go with any? thank you

It is unusual outside of a research facility to find a Gynecologist that subspecializes in vaginal diseases, so the private physician that you would typically see first would be a general Gynecologist.
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