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I have a lesion on the back of my leg 2cms by .5 of a cm.It

Customer Question

I have a lesion on the back of my leg 2cms by .5 of a cm.It is on the site of an old birthmark that was irradiated when I was a baby.It is ulcerated and painful.I have had a previous bcc removed from my nose.This lesion has caused no trouble for 60 + years.It started crusting and bleeding10 weeks ago.I saw my GP twice was prescribed a/bs for ten days and no improvement so I saw another GP who fast tracked me to a Dermatologist.I am now waiting an appointment for a biopsy.The Dermatologist thinks it looks like a BCC.It is painful and the area round it is red sore and has a smelly discharge.I am concerned as I don,t think this is a BCC or a Melanoma.Can you help.I am dressing it myself with Inodene and Meloline dressings.Prescribed by GP.Worried retired Nurse .Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.
HIThe biopsy will show what this is.It needs to be biopsied.You should not be putting anything on it unless instructed to do so.What is your question?I am not sure why, when you have a provisional diagnosis from a derm doc, and biopsy is recommended to see, why you are worried?BCC needs to be removed, but is usually OK.If you would like to attach a picture here, I will take a look.
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.
This is Dr. David
I am a radiation cancer doctor
it sounds like we are talking about two spots.
the spot behind the leg if it received radiation therapy when you were a child could be a cancer caused by radiation, like a sarcoma or angiosarcoma. it needs to be evaluated and biopsied right away and may not heal up if there is active cancer at the site.
the spot on your nose was a prior basal cell cancer treated with surgery. it sounds like the basal cell cancer most likely has returned after surgery 10 years ago which is possible causing ulcerationa and crusting 10 weeks ago.
I'm glad you saw a dermatologist already.
you do have an option for radiation therapy again to the nose to treat the recurrent basal cell cancer which could result in better cosmetic results than more surgery and reconstruction to the nose.
the lesion on the back of the leg could be another site of cancer as well. most likely not basal or melanoma, but could be a sarcoma.
ask for biopsy for both spots
let me know if you have questions.