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Dr. Phil, MD
Dr. Phil, MD, Board Certified Physician
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Age 58 Male Fall in nov 2009 left me paralysed from neck down

Customer Question

Age 58 Male
Fall in nov 2009 left me paralysed from neck down hospital did not diagnose it try to forcefully discharge me i refused only 24 hours later via mri they diagnosed swelling in spine and central cord syndrome recovered 50% over 4 weeks that was about as much as i got in help over next 6 months recovered to 70% went back work July last 3 years felt worse but mentally not as positive
In April 2012 had acute unrinary retention went to a&e put a bag on taken off 2 weeks later put on tamsulosin finasteride enlarged prostate sept 2012 went back Psa 7.8 concerned prostate cancer had biopsy and cystoscopy which was clear biopsy inconclusive but identified prostastis had psa test every 3 months gradually dropped went back March 2013 consultant stated no longer looking for cancer march 2014 stated if it was cancer would have shown by now last psa test june 2015 4.2 due next one soon which is now yearly remain on tabs and advised for life I cannot be sure that some of my stomach symptoms are not related
Stomach sounds mainly right side some pain
But not chronic more ache occasionally sharp mainly just above right hip but rumbling can extend to centre abdomen and higher no vomiting or nausea or blood in stools or urine but i do get bouts constipation. depression anxiety seems to make it worse vicous circle stomach does not seem afected by eating or not eating depression anxiety makes it hard to maintain weight been around 67-68kg last 2 years week 22/4 after acunpucture pain so bad in chest and shoukder lost 2.5 kg in few days 1 year ago had good spell after seeing gp And had counselling got up to over 70kg since about nov 2014 at least, things not as good stomach issues my greatest concern and seem worse when i relax goto sleep and think about it
Back stiffness worse some pain in upper chest around to back shoulder right side 22/4 April seemed to be irritated by acupunture very painful for 4 days settled after but not gone acupuncture seemed to
Help but now think
It may have made it worse started acupuncture Jan
2014 back seems worse for bout 3-4 years
Some finger joints have become stiff left ring finger cant straighten has a lump on first joint from palm same right one but not as bad lump none elsewhere also in past now again ankle joints get painful but had that 20 years and put down to fractures when played football straight after accident wrists were very painful but that went when stopped using crutches joints have got worse last 5 years
5 years or more involtunary spasms back upper arm muscles and stomach sometimes thighs calfs not painful last about 3 secs more noticeable when lying down relaxing sometimes very occasionally a jolting spasm At least 5 years
Since accident had anxiety depression partly due to impact on life worse since prostate cancer scare shook my confidence badly tried depression tabs 2 weeks just made me flat had to stop to go back to work
Wonder whether central cord syndrome is causing most of this and anxiety makes it worse but fingers/joints mighr be RA or Arthritis
The problem i have over the years is that with spinal injury and the fact i have had pain in various places mostly liveable since 2009 it hard for me to know whether these symptoms are new or old for instance i complained about feeling above right hip 5 years ago
And it never went but rumbling at this level is last year
Bp monitored regularly always un range of 150 -125 over 78-86 last one 22/4 128/79
Several urine tests all normal last one 14/4
Due see GP 17/5 thinking going private gp then get bloods done and possibly new mri not sure i want to wait my fear is that with spinal injury symptoms have been masked and ive ignored them and now have something sinister having seen my Dad die bowel
Cancer has shook my confidence but tell myself he was 79 I try and reassure myself with the length of time ive had symptoms if it was sinister I would be or feel a lot more poorly or dead
Comments would be appreciated sorry for the length i need to know if symptoms are related
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.
HelloI don't think this due to your spine at this point. However, it is possible and I will get back to that.See a rheumatologist for arthritis work up.Fibromyalgia is possible.The urology problems are separate.You need a colonoscopy if you are 50 or older.The colon and abdomenal problems need further investigation at this update of the spine with an MRI is certainly warranted, as is more advanced physical rehabilitation...and for this you should see a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor. After an injury like this, it is common to have degnerative discs, and this can put pressure on the cord, although all of your symptoms are not consistent with this.I would therefore have this evaluation. OK, so you might have more questions or want to give me more information: Please use reply to expert if you have further questions. When you are ready, please click a positive rating [hopefully excellent—that’s how we are paid, per rating]. If you forgot something, come back. I am here daily.
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 1 year ago.
I'm so very sorry for all of these problemsThis sounds very hard.A lot of this might be medication relatedWhat meds do you take?
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 1 year ago.
HelloMost of these problems would not be medication related.Some of them are potentially serous.Many are clearly mechanical.You need an exam as soon as possible.I am a double board certified US doctor.Find me, Dr. thomas, as needed.
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 1 year ago.
why don't you tell me what meds you are taking and I can decide that