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I tested positive for strep in my urine( on a regular test

Resolved Question:

I tested positive for strep B in my urine( on a regular test after feeling an itch at the tip of my penis) and after a course of antibiotics i retested ( and also tested the urine post prostatic massage ) and it has all gone .My questions are the following
1 is it possible that there is still some lurking in my prostate etc and so should i retest in a few weeks?
2 my partner tested and she had it it her vagina as well and is now taking antibiotics. Could I have caught it from vaginal sex or just from oral sex ( if she had it in her throat as well)
3 many women have it all the time. does that mean that if my partner has it a lot of the time i can catch it from her every time we have sex?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 10 months ago.

1. Grp B strep is a common bacterium often carried in the lower genital tract, and is almost always harmless.

2. Yes, it can be transmitted this way, but because it can be contracted other ways and is typically harmless it is not considered an STI.

3. It can move back and forth between partners, but you both likely have antibodies against it by now, so there is little risk of it causing serious illness. For women, it is usually only an issue during pregnancy.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
a couple of further questions
1 should I have taken antibiotics or just left it ?
2 can it go by itself if I don't take the antibiotics
3 should I get my partner tested for strep b before we have Sex or just assume it's ok if she has it and that I won't get it
4 as I suffer from prostitits my urologist always prescribes antibiotics if he sees something in the urine . Is that a mistake with strep b and I should just do nothing ?
5 should my partner now take antibiotics to get rid of her strep b
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 10 months ago.

1. Makes sense to take an antibiotic if you are having symptoms that might be related. You could clear the least temporarily.

2. The immune system can usually clear it on its own, or keep it in check so that it does not spread.

3. She could get tested and treated if her doctor agrees, but it should not stop you from having sex, as it is not harmful.

4. That's a tough one. :-) The prostate can harbor bacteria, some good, some not so good. Antibiotics can upset the balance, but can also prevent more serious infections. I would seek your urologist's advice on this. He most likely will not change his approach based on the strep B as it is considered not pathogenic in otherwise healthy individuals.

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