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MB Paul
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MB CL 500 Yr 2000. The ABC light has been coming on more often

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MB CL 500 Yr 2000. The ABC light has been coming on more often and is on red most times. The Dealer says probably need 4 new shock absorbers @ £1,000 each. As car only cost a bit more surely there could be some other answer. I saw, somewhere, it could be a pipe near the catalytic converter? Any thoughts?

Thanks, David.
Hi David,

There are several possibilities for ABC system faults - the car should be checked on a diagnostic tool for fault codes and the system checked for leaks - common problems are low pressure faults caused by leaks or a failing pump.

Any leaks in the system should be identified & repaired first.

The ABC struts (shock absorbers) are prone to leaking - although it is unusual for all 4 to be leaking & need replacing all at the same time I have seen it on rare occasions.

Leaks from pipes in the system, valve blocks or the pump are also common points of failure.

If your dealer has said all 4 struts need replacing then I would ask them to explain why and ask to inspect them yourself.

If all 4 struts are leaking then they will need to be replaced I'm afraid.

Best regards, Paul
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Paul,

Thats great and I am wary about going to a Dealer so any idea where else I could go?






Hi David,

Working on the ABC system requires the use of specialist equipment so I would recommend either a dealer or to try to find a local Mercedes specialist with Mercedes STAR diagnostic tool.

Following repairs on the system the vehicle needs to be bled out & flushed through using Mercedes STAR

Best regards, Paul
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks and will do. David.

youre welcome

I hope all goes well & let me know if you need anything else.

Best regards, Paul