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I have a 2001 CL500 W215 and just noticed noise

Customer Question

I have a 2001 CL500 W215 and just noticed a werring/winey noise when take foot of Gas and car coast and is  slowing down and comes to a stop, but when i press gas noise goes away, Car running on idol perfect no noise and temp gadge etc perfect. And driving fine just had prop shaft seals fitted two days ago , just wounded what could noise be? not sure if sounds like a pully on a wheel .had just overtaken a car and as i had windows down (nice eve) that's when i heard noise regards Alex

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Mike replied 3 years ago.
Hello and Welcome to justanswer..

My name is XXXXX XXXXX Im happy to help you with your issue.

|Can I just ask - is the noise there when you rev the engine... or with road speed ?

Too - is the car an auto or manual trans?

Also- what mileage is on the car?

Kind Rgds, MIKE......................................
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi no noise when rev or at road speed and its auto and 144.000kms on clock

kind regards Alex

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

also when you come to a stop say at juction or just in traffic the noise stops also.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

MIKE hi can you help ?

Expert:  Mike replied 3 years ago.
Hello again Alex...

I have your replies yes thank you - my apologies that I could not get back to you until just now....

In that case then - with that type of noise, in that situation - that rules out a lot of things - so yes, the belt driven pulleys need to be checked out. Often you can get an idler pulley on these that will cause that sort of noise as you describe... so yes, they have to be checked.

But, there is a known / common issue ( known in MB anyway ) with these - and that is failing of the AC compressor pulley system - that is known for making such noises - so I would say that is very possible here with yours and that needs to be checked out now...and dealt with as found.

Once again Alex- my sincere apologies for the delay -

Let me know if you need anything more on this at all -

You need now to click on the OK rating to Excellent ratings service for me now, Thank you for that... and you can get back to me anytime if you need / wish..

Best Rgds, MIKE.

Please note, you are rating the content of my "answer" - my help to you - not the "system" which can experience delays etc which are not under my personal control -or delays caused by "time -off" which we all have on occasion - Thank you.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks i will do that, just thought of something could it be a baring in a wheel as not sure if coming from engine! just a thought .Alex

Expert:  Mike replied 3 years ago.
Hello again Alex -

Thank you for your reply -as above. Unfortunately for some reason, the question locked out at the time and so I couldn't even reply to you - It has now been sorted out - but sorry about that ..

In answer to your further query / thought - yes, that is a possibility.. The way to tell is when you drive it - when the noise is there , turn the steering ( safely ) to bend the car to the left - and then the right... If the noise disappears as you do one or the other - that is a good sign that it may be a wheel bearing - in which case, should that occur - have the wheel bearings checked for sure.

Its always very difficult something like this - and especially when we here cannot hear - or test it --- but that is the best advice on this coupled with the above to trace this down for you.
Let me know how you go -

Please do click on the OK / Exc ratings for me now Alex as that is how justanswer credit me for my time etc spent helping you -- Thank you in advance for doing that...

All the very best - MIKE.

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