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What is the best way to run in a 2014 Mercedes E63 AMG?

Customer Question

What is the best way to run in a 2014 Mercedes E63 AMG?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Stan replied 3 years ago.

Stan :

Do not drive at full throttle and exceed 4500rpm for first 1000 miles. I would reocmmend a longer journey with few take-overs and no kickdown. Also do not downshift and brake (engine-braking) for first 1000 miles
New and replaced brake pads and discs only
reach their optimum braking effect after
several hundred kilometers of driving.
Compensate for this by applying greater force
to the brake pedal.
The first 1000 miles(1500 km)
The more you look after the engine when it is
new, the more satisfied you will be with its
performance in the future.
RYou should therefore drive at varying
vehicle and engine speeds for the first
1000 miles (1500 km).
RAvoid heavy loads, e.g. driving at full
throttle, during this period.
RChange gear in good time, before the
tachometer needle is Ô of the way to the
red area of the tachometer.
RIf possible, do not depress the accelerator
pedal past the point of resistance
After 1000 miles (1500 km), you can increase
the engine speed gradually and accelerate
the vehicle to full speed.
Additional breaking-in notes for AMG
RDo not drive faster than 85 mph
(140 km/h) for the first 1,000 miles
(1,500 km).
ROnly allow the engine to reach a maximum
engine speed of 4,500 rpm briefly.
RChange gear in good time.
i You should also observe these notes on
breaking in if the engine or parts of the drive
train on your vehicle have been replaced.
i Always observe the respective speed
AMG vehicles with self-locking rear
axle differential
Your vehicle is equipped with a self-locking
differential on the rear axle. To protect the
differential on the rear axle, carry out an oil
change after a breaking-in phase of
2,000 miles (3,000 km). This oil change
prolongs the service life of the differential.
Have the oil change carried out at a qualified
specialist workshop

Stan :

best regards,

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