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Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob, Neurologist (MD)
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Please can you help me, ( bare with me on this letter as one

Customer Question

Hello, please can you help me, ( bare with me on this letter as one of the problems I am encountering is getting my point across and communication) I have felt ill and depressed for over five years now. Two years ago I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, I had no idea what this was and my doctor at the time was no help at all. My doctor was aware for at least four months prior to my diagnoses that I was suffering from severe malnutrition and an iron count of 8.1. He'd put me on, in his words "iron tablets that were 15 times stronger than what you buy in supermarkets." He arranged constant blood tests, I'll give him that and did arrange for me to have a camera inserted into my stomach but after a good two years of suffering from lathargy isolation and depression, but he never questioned why these iron tablets simply made no difference at all after a good four months, or the reason for malnutrition. I repeatedly told him how good and healthy my diet was, I use a steamer for everything and always vary the colours of veg I eat, I love all meat and fruit and cerials. At this time I assured him my calorie intake was around 4,000 calories a day. I am 5ft.6ins and weighed just 7 stones, but I think my lack of nutrients was making me eat double. When I got the hospital results from my doctors practice, from the biopsy they took from my stomach, it proved positive for coeliac disease but the results they gave me over the desk was NO ACTION REQUIRED. Three months later I got a letter from the hospital asking me to see a nutritionalist following the biopsy results... puzzled I went to the hospital anyway as by this time I was so desperate for help and so low. The nutritionalist, HORRIFIED, explained it to me and for the first time in three years, I learned of my coeliac disease and my GP should of told me this three months ago. Instead of being really upset of just been told I have a chronic disease, I was relieved. Finally I knew why I was really depressed and had so little energy it was a consious effort to hold my head on my shoulders because I was so weak at times. I had to give my job up of ten years as it was very phisical manual work and my company had already reduced my hours for me twice. They needed a sick note to follow procedures and I could not really provide one other than depression as the doctor had me on prosac for about a two years on and off, but I remember phoning the surgery asking for a repeat sick note and my doctor phoned me at home asking why I needed this. He made me feel like there was nothing wrong with me and I sank into deeper depression as I could not think, function and felt I had nobody to turn to. I phoned the hospital and asked to see the nutritionalist again but was told that unfortunatley they no longer have a nutritonalist for adults. It's been two years now and I was getting healthy. I had no job so I joined a gym and have followed regular training for nearly two years. It has been a big hill to climb, just me, my Husband and the internet but we have finally cracked the gluten free diet. However sometimes, like now, It accidently happens and I get so low and depressed, you can't manage your emotions because you are in effect feeling poisened. I have it so bad that my body picks up gluten like a cold. I have become ill from medications would you believe from my GP that are not gluten free and even from inhaling wheat dust from feeding my dogs. Because of the length of all this it has done something to my brain, I feel insecure and I cannot make eye contact with people, I am nervous and very insecure. I cannot speak about anything interesting because all my life has been, for ages is laying around indoors or the gym and my diet. I have no social life apart from my Husband and daughter. and a gym friend who must be sick of my illness and diet. Although she is so supportive towards me. About three months ago I was rushed to hospital with a pain in my whole middle, my stomach had filled up with fluid (odema) and my intestines blocked so I could not eat or drink. The hospital cannot determine the cause but said it was serious and if it had not of unblocked itself they would have operated. I feel like every effort to get well, I get knocked down again by diets how I feel mentally and GPs. I loved to socialise and now I just can't. I want the old me back, I can't make friends feeling like this. I have a different GP now but he does not have a real insite to any phycological problems or CD. He does not realise how hard it is. For a start it took a year to feel strong again because thats how long it took to grow the villi back. He thought it was immediate, and then says not to worry. Since being ill, I have gone into early menopause, need glasses, have asthma,weak bladder, piles, and depression. I can cope with that but not being able to communicate and socialise is doing me in now. Please help, and thanks so much for reading this. I Forgot to mention in my letter yesterday that I have always have a high white blood cell count and this never alters. My immune system is constantly on alert and working overtime.
My Mother also passed away three weeks ago and sorting her house, possesions and the funeral has magnified everything for me lately,
I don't mind if your answer takes a week, can you please just try and help me.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 4 years ago.
Doctor-Bob :

Hi Sam. Sorry to hear about your struggles. Did you have a specific concern or question you would like to go over in regard to your condition?

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