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Customer Question

hello about a week ago I was in a depressive mood, I had drank the night before and was sick. I was in a very depressed state. I came out of it like I normally do, but then found I started having strange symptoms that frightened me. I was having involuntary spasms in my legs feet and buttocks, getting angry for no reason, laughing for no reason. Then the day after I went to cry about something and I could cry so much, then my brain hit a wall and I couldn't 'follow it through' so to speak, I couldn't cry properly so I found myself having to try to stop being sad because my brain would not allow me to express it as I had done before. This frightened me beyond belief. As time has gone on I have still lost feeling completely and am unable to control the feeling of being able to smile like I usually can when I want to. I also keep loosing my voice all the time on and off. All this has happened since a hang over last week. I cant carry on my life anymore like this. The involuntary laughing isn't as bad but my head feels quite heavy and PART of my emotions feel like they are CONSTANTLY disconnected. My voice is just as unpredictable. I do believe that the depressive episode sparked this aswellas the trauma I went through when drinking but I have never had these symptoms before and I can laugh but again can only feel it 'so much'. Sometimes I want to be able to feel something, because I feel it, but cant physically 'access' it if that makes sense. Please give me advice on what do as it is worrying and never feels like my brain has enough serotonin. Its not depression because of the other symptoms but the symptoms are making me depressed. What do I do?

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 3 years ago.
This is Dr. David

you need to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist as soon as you can.

your symptoms sound more psychological than neurological.

it sounds like your affect is off. this is most likely from psychological disorders which would be assessed by a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

would you be willing to see a psychiatrist?

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