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Ive been experiencing bad pressure pains in my head couple

Resolved Question:

Ive been experiencing bad pressure pains in my head for a couple of months now. It feels like my head is expanding sometimes. I cant bend over without it putting pressure on the front of my head and nose.
My ears start to hurt like I am on a plane and sometimes have popped. (I do have slight hearing loss in right and left ear, however, the right is worse so I wear a hearing aid in that one when its too loud).
Also, I was in the car and the pressure started to happen again and it felt like when your taking off in a plane, again it also caused pain in my ears.
I had another incident where my head felt like it was filling up and then the pressure started making me feel like my face and head was expanding out, my hands started to shake when I tried holding my phone, I was trying to talk and could not get my words out properly. That is what prompted me to go A&E to get this MRI.
I keep suffering with inflammation in my windpipe as well making it difficult for me to swallow sometimes and am in a lot of pain. When I went to ENT she could see on the camera it was inflamed but did not give me an answer as to why it keeps happening. My throat feels very uncomfortable when I put my head towards my chest sometimes. Yet nothing was shown on camera (I was awake when she did this) apart from inflammation.
The report states as follows, 'There are a few small indeterminate high signal foci in the white matter mainly frontal lobes. These are non specific in appearance and of uncertain clinical significance. These are described in Migraine' No MRI features of demyelination. No Focal cerebral mass lesion. Ventricles and Sulci are normal. Brainstem and Fossa Strutures are normal. Normal flow void are maintained in major intracranial arteries.
Previous medical history:
Suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa (Although have not had a flare up in a few months)
Slight hearing loss in both ears, right is worse
Suffered lack of oxygen at birth briefly and had a trauma to my neck which resulted in lack of oxygen to my brain for about 2 min. I never went and got checked out when that happened. Although 4 years later after the incident, when I noticed my hearing wasn't great was told that an MRI I had (10 years ago) had stated that was the reason for my hearing loss. He said my nerves were damaged. They cant find the original MRI so I cant give you any info from that.
I have also experienced painful cracking in the top of my nose and big blood covered lumpy tissue like substance coming down from head (I sometimes also coughed these up), so not sure if it related. Spetums came back negative for bugs but showed up with blood (which you would of seen anyways in the sample pot!) Thought I should mention it.
Ive been on so many tablets such as steroids both nasal and tablets, metronidazole, naproxen, sumatriptan, doxycycline to name but a few. I kept getting told it was sinus issues but nothing worked. ENT said Migraines. the last two months and nothing has helped!
I just want to make sure what the report is saying is correct relating to my symptoms and to understand what they meant in there report?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry just to add as well, I have been getting random spasms in my thighs mainly and calfs when lying down. I have also been experiencing a sharp pain in my right hand usually in between the knuckles. This comes and goes but happens at least once a day.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I need to add I had the mirena coil fitted in November last year, I also have heard a whooshing sound when the pressure has gotten too much. Could the coil be causing this? As this is when most of my symptoms started?
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 1 year ago.
Hi there. Most of your symptoms would be consistent with a sinus infection. Many antibiotics do not work well with deep sinus infections. I would suggest you get a CT scan of the sinuses. This is the best way to visualize them. As for antibiotics, augmentin is the drug of choice if you are not penicillin-allergic. You might need to take it for 3 weeks to completely clear a deep infection. If you also suffer from migraines, ask your doctor about topamax, a largely effective agent for the prevention of chronic migraines.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi,Thank you for your help!Its interesting you say a sinus infection, I saw 5 different doctors and they all said sinus infection. The spray I was given was a steroid one and it really hurt the top of nose so I didn't continue with it. I am allergic to penicillin, trimethoprim and one of the tablets the gave me was clarithromycin. They believed I had a reaction to that one as my face came up red, blotchy very dry and was tight. I could not talk without my face cracking from how dry it became. That took a good couple of weeks to settle down.I only started getting these migraines a month ago. I will ask my GP for the CT sinus scan and mention Topamax. What other medicine do you suppose I could have if it is a deep sinus infection, considering I have allergies to penicillin?My GP wanted to give me Beta Blockers, which I really don't want. I feel that if I can get to the bottom of whats causing all this, then maybe the migraines might stop. I have only ever to my knowledge suffered from one migraine and that was when I was a teenager.

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