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My Micra dose not startI

Customer Question

My mIcra does not start- it has a sensor problem with the crankshaft. I put in anew Lamda sesor- it was ok for a while then stopped-the AA guy says its the cranksahft sensor -is this a problem with the mirca?

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully I can help..


The crank shaft sensor is the sensor the ecu uses aswell as the camshaft sensor to calculate when the fire the coils - ignition timing / injectors aswell as measure engine speed..If the crank sensor fails completely for what ever reason or lost ecu isn't getting any info back from it wither it be the sensor or wiring - then the car will simply not start - so changing the crank shaft position sensor if found to be faulty by the AA using a diagnostic machine then that would be the sensor to replace and not the lambda sensor on the exhaust..however one thing that can or maybe cause this is due to the timing chain stretching.this in turn as the chain stretches over time or becomes loose alters the timing of the crank and camshafts and thus the two sensors crank and camshaft loose synchronisation with each other and again you get a none starting situation or poor running aswell as a lot of timing chain noise from the cover.which shouldn't be ignored as eventually the chain will fail if left to long and thus render the engine scrap if not caught early enough if it does as above I would change that sensor first and see how it goes after that..I do hope this helps.