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Greg, Technician
Category: Peugeot
Satisfied Customers: 7094
Experience:  Automotive diagnostic tech
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Hi, the engine immobiliser has activated on my 407sw hdi135,

Customer Question

Hi, the engine immobiliser has activated on my 407sw hdi135, I replaced the key fob battery, reprorgrammed and the everything appears to be working but it will not start. The starter cranks the engine over but that's all.O n the dash a key comes up with a cross through it as well as a written warning on the main screen.Any thoughts.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Greg replied 4 years ago.
Hi .

This is a problem with the chip key , your cars immobilizer system is not recognising the key , what you should try first is use the second key if you have one ,if this also does not work then remove key disconnect the battery cables (neg first ) then touch the two cables together ,then reconnect the cables and try the key again . but first with the remote, lock then unlock the doors then try and start , if the Immo warning light is still ON and will not start then you have a problem with the keys or ther Immo system ,

Now you have two options ,get the car towed in to the dealers to have this system checked and reprogrammed, or call out your local automotive key locksmith that will have the needed diagnostic tools and will be a lot cheaper .

Here is a locksmith locator , please click here .

Need further assistance then please get back to me .

Rgds Greg

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