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Just bought a KX-TGA20 key locater but unable to register

Resolved Question:

Just bought a KX-TGA20 key locater but unable to register with my existing KX-TGJ320E handset.
If I use the direct command code (MENU #6561) via the handset the MENU #656 is accepted and :656 shows on the screen. On entering the final digit the screen reverts to :___
I have therefore been using the alternative method MENU, Initial Setup, Key Finder Setup. 1: Add New Device.
Screen displays: 'Registering'
Insert battery in Key Finder which then bleeps for 30 seconds.
Screen continues to display 'Registering' until about 5 minutes when 'Error' is displayed
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Phone Systems
Expert:  Nathan replied 11 months ago.

Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today.

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with this but I’ll do my best to help you out, Graham.

I believe you are using the wrong code here,

on the handset, key in Menu#6571, then insert the battery in the key finder.

This is the actual registration step. Following that, you can do Menu#6561 to assign a name to the key finder.

Best regards,


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thanks Nathan,
Just tried MENU # 6571 and inserted battery. Display changed to :571 when last digit was inserted. Key finder beeped for about 30 seconds. after several minutes handset displayed Error again. Should the key finder be close to a handset or the Base station for registration?
Expert:  Nathan replied 11 months ago.

The finder is paired with base, but the process is initiated via the handset, I would have all 3 close together for this process.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I still have the same problem with key finder next to base unit & handset. I thought there might be interference from adjacent kit but have switched everything else off and registration still results in the Error display.
Expert:  Nathan replied 11 months ago.

Are you sure you're putting the battery in the right direction?

Expert:  Nathan replied 11 months ago.

How many handsets do you have with your existing system?

Any other key finders, or range extenders?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Battery + upwards. Key finder does beep when inserted. I have 3 handsets and one base unit. No range extender. 2 other key finders as yet unopened boxes.
Expert:  Nathan replied 11 months ago.

Can you open one of the other finders and try to pair it instead, you could have a faulty one here, so I'd like to test another.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Expert:  Nathan replied 11 months ago.


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
No joy. Also tried restarting Base unit and handset but still the same result with key finder #2.
Think I have the answer. The key finders were supplied by company in the USA (the only source I could find) and they use a different radio frequency. Handbook supplied with the key finders quotes 1.92 to 1.93 GHz. Phone system uses 1.88 to 1.90 GHz as specified in the key finder handbook I downloaded before purchase.
Expert:  Nathan replied 11 months ago.

Ah yes that does make complete sense, they are indeed different systems. I'm sorry it did not cross my mind that you may have imported them.

Here is the one you need:

If you have any other questions, just let me know. Otherwise, please take a moment to rate my service using the stars at the top of the page; hopefully I have earned 5 Stars. I also invite you to contact me directly with any future support needs at and ask for Nathan.

Thank you, ***** ***** a nice day,


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Can you provide access to the service manual so that I can get the frequency changed to UK standard?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Having followed your link to Amazon I checked the reviews and found the following dated January 16, 2014:-
"After a Live Chat session with Panasonic support they came back saying the key detector is only compatible with models KX-TG9542B , KX-TG9541B , KX-TG6842B , KX-TG7872S , KX-TG6844B , KX-TG6843B , KX-TG6845B , KX-TG7875S , KX-TG7874S , KX-TG7873S , KX-TG6873B , KX-TG6841B. My phone, a KX-TG7743 isn't on the list. So - back Amazon it goes."Can you provide an updated compatibility list for this product?
Expert:  Nathan replied 11 months ago.

The frequency on these is not one that can be altered, that is a hardware function, not a software setting or firmware function.

The "B" version is not officially listed, but like the range extender should still be compatible with most all 2010 and later models, even if not specifically listed.

If you want to be certain though, the key finder model specifically supported by your system is the KX-TGA20EX model, noting the "EX" suffix. I'm thus far not able to find that specific model sold anywhere though, but panasonic uk site may be able to sell to you direct, but be sure to be specific about wanting the ex model.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I was thinking that the frequency would be set by a crystal (presumably surface mount) which could be changed. There may be other differences of course in the signaling codes which may be defined by a custom chip. Hence interest in the service manual.
Expert:  Nathan replied 11 months ago.

Unfortunately I don't have a SM for your particular model, most of what I have access to are the north america models; I've looked through comparable models here that have key finder options, but nothing related to the key finder functionality is even mentioned there, so I do not believe it is something changeable. There is no service documentation published at all for the finders.

Nathan and 2 other Phone Systems Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Having read several of the many Amazon reviews I have decided not to pursue this activity any longer. It would appear that the key finders can be triggered by other means and could become a nuisance. Clearly the support available from Panasonic is sadly lacking which I find unacceptable. Thank you Nathan for all of your efforts to assist. Regards, Graham
Expert:  Nathan replied 11 months ago.

You're very welcome, Graham.

You might instead consider a product like "tile" or another bluetooth based finder option that can pair with a smartphone.