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Dr. Herb Goldberg
Dr. Herb Goldberg, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Category: Plastic Surgery
Satisfied Customers: 299
Experience:  35 years experience in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Certified by the American Board
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I wish to have an abdominoplasty (have consulted my doctor

Customer Question

I wish to have an abdominoplasty (have consulted my doctor regard my suitability) however prices are about £6000 in the UK. In Belgium and in Czech republic the prices are less than half this.

Can anyone explain the differential, and whether the cheaper operations have more risk attached to them. Any recommendations from personal experience for clinics in these countries would be appreciated.

If anyone is aware of reputable UK based clinics that can offer this op at comparable price, I would appreciate this info too.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Plastic Surgery
Expert:  Shantal-Mod replied 3 years ago.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Shantal, no reply as yet!

Expert:  Shantal-Mod replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for getting back to me. We will continue to look for a Professional to assist you.

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Expert:  Shantal-Mod replied 3 years ago.

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Expert:  Dr. Herb Goldberg replied 3 years ago.
Sorry it took so long to answer. It is difficult to get on-line on this site sometimes. Foremost, as you note, you must be a suitable candidate. You should be able to physically undergo this procedure and must understand and be realistic about the nature, purpose, risks and alternatives of the procedure. Occasionally, this operation can be considered not cosmetic. If you have lost over 100 lbs, your weight is now stable for several mos., and you have skin draping over your pubis, your weight is stable now or if you have a hernia, then sometimes the National Health Service will pay for the surgery. If the operation is deemed completely cosmetic, then you are responsible for the cost of surgery, the operating room costs, the hospital costs and the anesthesia costs as well as the Dr. charges.
Costs vary from location to location. Rents and education cost and competitive charges all influence price. If the Dr. is certified of approved by some federal board (such as the Society of Plastic Surgery in the country that you are considering) then the physician will have training and experience to perform the procedure. Although the Drs. in a foreign country may be sufficient, unless you can be followed by a Dr. for at least a few weeks, then there is increased risk if and when there is a complication. The operating Dr. will know you and your medical history and know the particulars of the procedure he or she performed, so would be best to see you should any complication occur. I wish you best of luck and let me know if there are other questions.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Apologies for the lateness of my reply. I appreciate your advice, but specifically asked whether you had knowledge of (be able to recommend) some foreign clinics





Expert:  Dr. Herb Goldberg replied 3 years ago.
Sorry, I do not have knowledge enough to recommend foreign clinics. Any clinic in a foreign land should have certification by the country so that the plastic surgeon you are contemplating will be knowledgeable and experienced in the procedure. Since complications can occur, although unusual, some followup time is recommended for you to be evaluated by your physician (surgeon). Good luck.

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