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Plumberpro, Plumber
Category: Plumbing
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how can i relight the piolot on my biasi boiler please

Customer Question

how can i relight the piolot on my biasi boiler please
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 3 years ago.

Plumberpro : Hi . Can you tell me what model the boiler is ? please


Plumberpro : Ihi , I am ready to help


Plumberpro : Hi, do you know the model of the boiler ?
Plumberpro : Or do you know how old it is ?

model is m96.28sm/b2


not sure of age

Plumberpro : Ok
Plumberpro : give me a minute , please
Plumberpro : Hi , I am assuming this is an l p g (liquid petroleum gas ). Model . Is this correct?
Plumberpro : This is where the gas is supplied in cylinders

no its just a normal natural gas boiler supplied by pipes

Plumberpro : Ok. On the manual , it says this an lpg model , in which case I would have first recommending finding out if the lpg has run out.
Plumberpro : If it is a natural gas model then make sure before you do any thing that the gas supply is switched on at the meter. If you have a gas cooker , if this is working then we can assume the gas supply is on

gas supply is on as thr


the fires have supply to them

Plumberpro : Ok.
Plumberpro : The biasi , dosnt have a permanent pilot flame. It has an electronic ignition that lights when there is a demand for heat or hot you know if there is a pressure gauge on the boiler ?

yes there is

Plumberpro : What does the pressure gauge read



bar pressure is 2

Plumberpro : Thanks.that should be ok . The boiler won't run if below 0.8 usually. Can you try turning the power to the boiler on and off , please .

ok done that

Plumberpro : Are there any lights lighting up on the boiler ?



digital display is on too

Plumberpro : At the bottom left corner there are three lights . Are any of these lit and or flashing ?

ifirst light is flashing green 2nd one flashed red when switched on but gone now third one has no light

Plumberpro : Run the hot tap also and see if these lights change

first one flashing green second is flashing red third green

Plumberpro : Ok . One minute please
Plumberpro : Please turn hot tap off and tell me the light combination. Thanks

first one flashing green the other two are off

Plumberpro : I am correct in assuming the heating side is not working aswel as the hot water ?


Plumberpro : Ok . To the left of the digital display is an led and a reset button . Is this led lit ? Thanks

no its not lit

Plumberpro : Ok. I am sorry to tell you , but there is fault on the boiler that could be caused by a multitude of things internally . Ican you hear the boiler trying to start up , ie fan whirling or clicking ?

yes. when the hot water is switched on it sounds like its on but the pilot is not lighting up

Plumberpro : Ok. It sounds like it could be the air pressure witch . Normal operation would be a call for heat or hot water,followed by fan starting,air pressure switch making and then diverted valve responding, gas valve opening and then firing. I am sorry but it can only now be diagnosed by someone with a multimeter testing the components.


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