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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
Category: Plumbing
Satisfied Customers: 3627
Experience:  City and Guilds qualified plumber
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i have a biasi riva compact boiler that is not working correctly - red/green light is flas

hing, i reset it and... Show More
hing, i reset it and it then works for a while
sometime stays on ok - sometimes dosnt ??
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
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Andrew Smith, Plumber
Satisfied Customers: 3627
Experience: City and Guilds qualified plumber
replied 2 years ago.
***** ***** : Intermeiitent faults are usually down to dirty electrodes, as it does not light every time.
***** ***** : When they came out did they clean the insides?
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- :

they have come twice and changed a couple of parts (i think) i have explained to them reg the red/green flashing lights but they seem unsure what this means?? and because its intermittent

JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- :

in the morning the red light/s are flashing so i have to restart it myself

***** ***** : The red one means it has failed to light
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- :

why or what would cause this if when i restart it manually it lights?

***** ***** : It could be dirty electrodes
***** ***** : Just becuase it doesn't light first time every time
***** ***** : Do you get the green light flashing fast alsdo
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- :

the British gas guy seemed to be saying depending on the sequence of how the lights flash - this gives him a fault code???

***** ***** : *also
***** ***** : 3.5 page 9
***** ***** :
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- :

would a british gas engineer miss something as simple as dirty electrodes?

***** ***** : It depends whether he took the cover off and exposed the burner
***** ***** : It depends whether it was lighting correctly at the time he was there
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : the cover was def off - no idea if he check electrodes
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : when they have been here it light correctly
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : they also did a powerflush on the system
***** ***** : ok, so he would not have looked at them
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : which is a bit annoying
***** ***** : They pwoerflushed because you had a boiler ignition fault?????
***** ***** : I hope it was free?
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : no - just cos radiators were not warming up to good
***** ***** : Perhaps you get your boiler serviced first
***** ***** : And maybe getting a new ignition electrode at the same time
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : i have a feeling they were not warming up very good because of the intermittent fault?
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : boiler has been serviced
***** ***** : If the boiler is lighting and dropping out all the time then you will lose the output
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : yeah exactly thats what im thinking
***** ***** : I suppose if it was not acting up at the time then it would not have been picked up during the service also
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : is there anything else that can make the boiler just drop out?
***** ***** : You will only get the red light if it fails to light 3 times
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : ok
***** ***** : So perhaps it is bumbling along lighting occasionally
***** ***** : But not enough to trigger the fault all the time
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : is this type of boiler prone to any faults ?
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : its 5/6 years old
***** ***** : Yes
***** ***** : A half decent boiler but liable to lots of small faults
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : i just want to be ready if they start saying all tech stuff and trying to get out of things
***** ***** : Perhaps you look for a local boiler engineer that everyone uses rather than Gittish Brass
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : sld i ask for a new ignition electrode?
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : yeah i agree
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : just easier sometimes if have a prob
***** ***** : There must be a decent local guy?
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : was he correct when he said about light sequence meaning something?
***** ***** : Yes, but your boiler only shows basic faults as per the link to the manual I sent you
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : other than red meaning failed to light after x 3 times
***** ***** : A fast green flash can mean an internal fault, but it is a non-descript fault, so needs further investigation
***** ***** : If you are with British Gas then do they not have to keep coming out until it is fixed?
***** ***** : Or do you pay them each time?
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : i dont pay but its a big pain
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : time of work etc
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : and cos i restart it its working when they get here
***** ***** : You can escalate with BG, you can ask for the regional technician to come and look at it and they should send someone that can work on your particular boiler
***** ***** : They should be able to make it fault by turning it on and off, if it fails one in 10 times then it should fail while they are there
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : so you wld def ask for a new ignition electrode regardless
***** ***** : yes and see how you go
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : there are x 3 lights
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : in the morning
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : right is off
***** ***** : red for failing to light
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : middle is solid red
***** ***** : green fo on or main failure
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : left is flashing green
***** ***** : fast flash?
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : if i look now they are
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : every 2/3 seconds
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : left side
***** ***** : slow flash means the boiler is off
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : lights now all flash green together
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : every
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : 2 seconds
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : and boiler is on
***** ***** : a fast flash is a fault
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : ok
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : is 2 seconds classed as fast?
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : prob not?
***** ***** : no
***** ***** : 2 or 3 a second
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : is there a specific part they would rather not change cos its expensive?
***** ***** : The PCB
***** ***** : It could be at fault if the ignition lee
***** ***** : electrode does not cure it
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : sorry whats pcb?
***** ***** : The Printed Circuit Board - the brains
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : is this bit expensive?
***** ***** : £150 to £200
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : would they hold back to swap this?
***** ***** : If they can tell you they have fixed it with something else?
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : will a boiler light easier if only heating kicks in
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : if i turn the hot water off
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- : or make no difference
JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- :


JACUSTOMER-1xr0g34p- :

also if all lights are green but boiler is not alight ? what does this mean ?

***** ***** : If you get them to come and swap the ignition electrode and it does not fix it, then they will have to replace the PCB

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  • You did one super job of explaining to me everything there is to know about this fridge. I'm looking forward to asking you questions in the future. Jimmy
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