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My hot water pressure is very low, the gauge is showing 1.5

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My hot water pressure is very low, the gauge is showing 1.5 but the water at the tap is very slow, the cold is at normal pressure. The filling loop is not doing anything-not allowing water in (although it has enough in). I've tried bleeding the radiators and just getting hot water out. This has just happened today. Baxi duo-tec
Hi , the hot water and the radiators are separate. The pressure gauge shows the radiator and primary boiler pressure, this does not relate to the hot water that comes out of the taps.the hot water is heated indirectly through a domestic hot water heat exchanger. The cause of your low hot water pressure is most likely a blockage in the domestic hot water heat exchanger. But if your boiler is a 24kw you will only get around 9.4 litres per minute, 28kw will give around 11 litres per minute.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I just tried taking a shower, the hot water is lasting 30 sec's then going freezing. I understand what you're saying about the water and heating being separate, but surely when the fill loop is turned to open, the gauge on the boiler should rise-It's almost as if the water supply is off...which it isn't

It will only rise as high as your mains water pressure allows if your incoming pressure at the filling loop is 1.5 bar then the boiler can only fill to 1.5. If your water temp is fluctuating that is a definate symptom of a blocked heat exchanger. Replace or completely descale the domestic heat exchanger .
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