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I have a lead pipe in my (Edwardian) flat that is still active

Resolved Question:

I have a lead pipe in my (Edwardian) flat that is still active and is partly buried in a wall. It branches, and one branch has been capped off but has swollen. This section has leaked in the past but was fitted with a jubilee clip. The jubilee clip is now covered in black fur. I've asked a couple of plumbers to take a look at it with a view to removing it/re-capping it but they sucked their teeth and basically say they'd rather not touch it! What kind of plumber should I get to deal with this? I feel like we need someone with a bit of expertise to take a look at it. Is there some way to feed a plastic pipe through rather than digging it out of the wall and maybe damaging it? Apart from the danger of leaking, it's very unsightly.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 1 year ago.
Hi , the problem with lead in old Edwardian flats is that are often joined to the other flats too. I would speak to the other owners and see if you are on the same page about replacing the old lead. Then the plumber would be able to run a new pipe and also get access to the other flats to confirm by a process of illumination a what the pipe is supplying(mains?) and b who the pipe is supplying. Often by turning of each supply pipe in turn.Is everyone's water fed from tanks on the roof/in loft? .You may be able isolate yourself from the block system by putting in a combo boiler/megaflo and capping off your lead pipes.Start with the other tenants they may be worried about their lead too
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