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My ex husband was given a money loan from his mother to top

Customer Question

My ex husband was given a money loan from his mother to top up our mortgage since he hadnt worked for nine years. I worked the whole time to pay his mother her money back for the both of us. We are now about to divorce after two years. Can she legally lay claim for the money from me that she has still outstanding when he still doesn't repay her a penny even to this day. He typed up a letter at the time of the family loan, it was signed by his mother and both him and I, there was however no witness present or even a witness signature added to the letter.
Am I still libel in anyway for further repayment of this money to his mother since it was used to top up the mortgage at a house I haven't lived in for two years. Can the letter he typed up himself be classed as a legal document even though he has never repaid her one penny as he lives off unemployment benefits. My concern is that the family loan from his mother is classed as a legal document and I will have to pay her back where he absolutely will not be asked to do so. Thanks.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  UK-Justice replied 4 years ago.
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How much is the loan for?

Does it say you are both liable?