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,A couple of years ago I had an encounter with a lap

Customer Question

A couple of years ago I had an encounter with a lap dancer, she gave me hand relief, but while doing so she spat on her hand and wiped it on the top of my penis. I wiped it off straight away as I was worried about possible infections, and then she finished...
I am married with children and subsequently went through a very bad time with guilt and paranoia. After about 3 weeks I went to a GUM clinic and had a load of tests done just to be on the safe side. They all come back negative. But I'd got it in to my head that I'd contracted something. I kept feeling discomfort in my penis area and was very stressed out. About 5 months after the event, I had an incident where I had white discharge from the end of my penis, it was a significant amount, and just looked kinda like seamen to be honest. I panicked and the following day went back to the GUM clinic and had a swab taken. The Dr looked at it under a microscope and said I didn't have any STIs, however never explained why I'd had the discharge.
I had a couple more incidents of discharge, but started taking some medication for thrush (as I thought it might be something to do with that). I took flucanzole (1 pill) and put some canestan cream on every day for a couple of weeks. I had a couple of minor discharges, but then it seemed to stop altogether. Then I had no issues for a couple of months, then I had another "incident" but again nothing happened after that. I now take a natural herb for Candidia and I think it helps, it certainly did initially.
In the mean time I've been to my Dr and had lots of different tests. I had an ultrasound scan on my vital organs and it all come back as ok, my prostate etc was the correct size etc.. I had lots of different urine samples and blood tests and they all came back negative.
Not long after this though I started having problems with urinating - needing to go all the time and feeling like I hadn't emptied my bladder properly, but the main thing was at the end of weeing I dribbled a lot, and it took quite a while to finish, lots of stop starting.
Also after sex after urinating, I sometimes get some leakage of seamen later on, and worryingly my seamen is no longer a white colour but is always yellow now.
I got referred to a Urologist, and they did some flow tests that came back fine, because I still complained about urination issues and also the discomfort that I suffer with (feels like a urine infection sometimes and others just uncomfortable, but does seem to wax and wane) they sent me for a cystoscopy. I thought I might have some kind of stricture, but nothing came back from the investigation, other than to say I had a slight kink in my urethra but nothing at all to worry about.
Anyway here I am 4 months after the cystoscopy and still suffering, in fact over the last few months the urinating has changed a bit, not I have issues with dribbling after I leave the bathroom. I did some research and have been using a method of milking from behind my testicles and that has helped. I use tissue paper but I am having to "dab" an awful lot. Initially and then again after milking from behind my testicles. It seems to be slowly getting worse to be honest. I have been doing Kegel exercises for a couple of months but that hasn't made any difference yet. It seems to get stuck in the head of my penis and only milking moves it through...
I just don't know what to do next. My main issue is with the problems with urination and general discomfort that seems to wax and wane. I find it really uncomfortable to wear any kind of tight clothing, I've changed my boxers to be loose and only now wear comfortable trouser, joggers etc.. no jeans anymore as I find them uncomfortable. Also the colour of my seamen does worry me.
Any help/suggestions of what to do next etc.. extremely gratefully received.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 2 years ago.

Hi Sorry for the delay. Have you discussed the continuing problem with your urologist?

Dr. Chip and other Urology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No, the last time I saw the urologist was December 1st when I had cystoscope and he said he couldn't see any issues.