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My daughter is 19 years old and use to live her mother but now with me her dad, since Marc

Customer Question

My daughter is 19 years old and use to live her mother but now with me her dad, since March 12th of 2016, my daughter gets SSDI and the mother doesn't want to give this extra monies up and made it very difficult for me getting this straighten out for my daughter by not giving my daughter her SS card or school id's or her medical card and her money, which I have now gotten both her medical card by calling them and taking her to social security to get her card using birth records and while there explain the situation to the Admin about my daughters SSDI to stop going to her mothers, my last issue is her mother will not give her iphone or computer I bought this pass Christmas and other stuff back to our daughter and was told I needed to start a civil lawsuit to get them back for my daughter, this is where my daughter of 19 years needs help and aid on doing. please someone contact me at my email***@******.***. We are in Reading Pa,19604
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: US Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.
Hello, The police aren't interested because they see this as a civil issue rather than an out and out theft. You could try going over their heads and make a complaint against your ex at the prosecutor's office, but in my experience, a prosecutor would also recommend a civil cause of action. One possibility would be to find a local lawyer and have him contact your ex, demanding that your daughter's property be returned to her or that you will be forced to take legal action to get it. When a letter such as that comes from a lawyer on legal letterhead, reasonable people tend to believe that they might get sued if they don't comply. This may be all you'd have to do to help her. If it doesn't work, she could sue her mother for her property in small claims court where no lawyer would be necessary. In Pennsylvania, the maximum you could sue for in small claims court is $12,000, which I'm sure would more than cover what your ex has of your daughter's.