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My 2010 corsa has a problem with the front wipers,the large

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My 2010 corsa has a problem with the front wipers,the large one sticks and then jumps off the screen.This only happens some times but enough to be valeo blades fitted recently but has not helped. Alistair

Hi..there sorry for the delayed responce.. Do you still require help/advice?

If so - i asume from what your saying the arm/wiper blade jams/travels upto the window pillar and jumps over before returning back on the screen?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The large blade sticks to the screen between the start of its sweep and the half way contact is made with the window pillar or the other wiper blade.

Hi..there..thanks for your reply..

Ok..if the wiper sticks in position on the screen or during its sweep..then it likely either the spindle/splines in which the arm is afixed is worn slightly and thus causes that small delay at times.rather then make the full sweep across the screen and back..they can remove that arm and re-check/align it or check the fixing bolt for that arm is tight..if alls ok with that then the only other thing that would cause that is a problem with the windscreen regulator mechanisim itself..normally those have to be replaced as complete unit to solve that...if the other passenger wiper seem to work ok then it wont be down to the motor or the control side of things to operate the will or may likely be an issue with either of the suggestions above..i do hope this helps

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