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DR.J, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  Hello , i'm James DVM MRCVS and I would love to help.
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Customer Question

i had four elderly cats and three years ago, a ginger cat moved in. he has an owner but she shouts at him and he liked it better here. in january, my last cat died and another tom moved in. he also has an owner but isnt well cared for. i had him neutered and he lived with me about 80% of the time whereas the ginger baby lived with me 99% of the time. eight weeks ago, i found a cat and two minute kittens that had been dumped in a supermarket carpark. i took them home, had the girl speyed and kept them safe in my bedroom. two weeks ago, i let them out to start wandering around my flat. i let the adult female out and she's doing well but she's suddenly started urinating on my bed. no where else, just my bed. i threw my feather duvet and mattress cover away and replaced them with synthetic and she's still doing it. the litter tray is cleaned up to five times a day. i clean it with a non amonia cleaner and lots of hot water. she pees and poos in the tray but still she marks my bed. i have feliway in virtually every plug socket and have been using urine cleaner and cat repellent sprays but nothing helps. she pees on my bed EVERY day now. the ginger boy also is so distressed that he hardly comes home to me now. i dont want to have to rehome any of them, i love them. can you suggest anything? 

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  DR.J replied 4 years ago.
Hi , I'm James DVM MRCVS and would like to help you with your question
Your situation is rather complex .
as I understand it you have currently 5 cats then
1. 80%
2. 99%
3. mother + 2 kittens

all of which are staying in your flat

Is that correct ?
Is that a ground floor flat and do they have access to the outside?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry i waited for so long that i fell asleep last night, im in the uk so the time difference is a pain. the three adults go outside, including the new female, yes, but i have a litter tray for the kittens and that the mother insists on using too.

Expert:  DR.J replied 4 years ago.
Hi again.

the situation is rather complex as I have mentioned before .
You have 5 cats , all living in one flat and the newest addition is the female with he two kittens.
This is creates a very volatile environment.
The Domestic cat is a solitary animals (people don't know that) and would rather leave alone in his own marked territory , this would be an optimised situation in which stress is at a minimum.
What you have is a very stressful situation were 4-5 cats need to share the same territory and one is a mother to kittens which makes her even more edgy then the others .

Her urinating on your bed is a show of strength mixed with distress in show to the other cats in the house.
Your attempts to change the sheets and blanket will not be of any help if the situation between the other cats will not resolve itself and stress levels drop back down.

It takes a long while for cats to get along and form a stress free environment for themselves and at times it never happens and what we get is that everyone is miserable owner and cats alike .
increased stress levels for cats is rather unhealthy as it impairs their immune system and will eventually result in them developing secondary infections and diseases.

I know you love all your cats and you have only the best in mind .
Feliway does help at times but at times it's not strong enough for the job and there is no actual agent or medication which will resolve the situation.

To me it seems that since you brought in the young mother and her two babies , things have been slightly off with your other two cats who have learned over the course of time to share their territory and reduce stress levels.

in terms of solving the problem i'm afraid you wont be happy :(
in order to help you first residents of the house and bring back the peace and tranquillity to your flat , mother cat and her off-springs might need to find a new home .
Female cats and their babies living under the same roof makes the mother very protective against any other cats which are found in the territory and worse of sleeping under the same roof.

You sound like a very lovely person which would do anything and everything for her cats and trust me when I say that my answer will bring the happiness and calmness to all whom are involved in our little situation so they can go on living a happier life.

if you found my answer helpful , please rate it .
I am here in case you have nay more questions on the matter .

Many thanks

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sadly, rehoming any of them isnt an option. we have a massive problem with too many cats in london and frankly, there is no where else for them to go so i guess i will have to battle on and hope for the best. thanks any way

Expert:  DR.J replied 4 years ago.
hi again

there are cheraties that will take them :
Cat protection leage i the biggest I know .
They are situated outside of London as far as I know but will be the best next thing .

If you still decide to keep all cat then try to do the following .
Separation of the group into individuals as much as possible .
1. Food bowls and water bowls in separate room for each cat (never together).
2. at least 2-3 litter boxes
3. Feliway is good.
4. some drugs have anti anxiety effect on cats . spot the more trouble making of the group (usually the most stressed one) and take him to your vet to help in regards to the meds.

I wish you all the best.

Expert:  DR.J replied 4 years ago.
If my advice has helped you or placed you on the path to resolving you problem then please don't forget to rate it .



Expert:  DR.J replied 4 years ago.
Hi Victoria.

I wanted to see how your are doing and if there has been any improvement in the relationship amongst your cats.

Let me know