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A. Stevens
A. Stevens, Computer Engineer
Category: Android Devices
Satisfied Customers: 1557
Experience:  I've owned android devices and tablets for years and understand how the work.
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I have an unsophisticated Firefox ZTE handset from Amazon,

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I have an unsophisticated Firefox ZTE handset from Amazon, purchased in early 2013. It is unlocked of course, as well as having an open-sourced Mozilla community-lead operating system. That's the intro'/background out of the way.
Yesterday, I brought this handset out of 'hibernation'...(it has a laborious touch-screen virtual keypad) order to check that this phone still works, for my Daughter to use.
I slipped my current GiffGaff sim-card into the ZTE,and was asked to enter my (self-set) Sim-Pin unlock code. I've used that code and Sim-Card, since I received the free SIM from GiffGaff 12 months ago.
Unfortunately for the poor old 'laid-up' ZTE however, my GG sim has been used almost exclusively in my 6-month old 4S i-phone, ever since I bought the 4S.
I've never had a moments difficulty with logging-into the 4S with that same SIM-Pin code.
Yesterday, when I fired up my ZTE, and entered my same SIM-Pin entry code for the GiffGaff SIM, I was denied access twice by either the ZTE software..(OR by the GiffGaff Sim(?????). I know that it has to be the Firefox software which is the culprit, since my SIM-card is now back inside my 4S i-phone, and I've been using that handset since yesterday.
Please do you have any idea why I cannot unlock that ZTE, and I have only one more attempt left, to unlock the SIM or unlock that Mozilla 'FIREFOX' OpSyst.?
A. Stevens :

Hi, I am A. Stevens here to help with your question!

A. Stevens :

So at this time, if you are able to use the exact same sim card in your iPhone 4S with the same PIN code, there is definitely an issue with your ZTE phone. It seems that maybe the phone is not reading the SIM card correctly.

A. Stevens :

Would it be an option to transfer your service to a new SIM card, to see if that fixes the issue with the ZTE phone?


Sorry, it's a bad time to do this, but I'll as quick as I can.


My answer: not possible to try another SIMand in any case, that same sim was used for my ZTE with my current SIM-Pin code, but not after I brought the handset out of hibernation. The reason why I laid up the ZTE, is that the keyboard was bloody hard work, although the software worked OK. I bought my 4s Apple only because I needed a phone which I could work on easily and quickly....more..... after your response please?


The way that I see things Mr S, is that this problem of mine is one which has an answer. it's as simple as that. I reckoned that I've given other persons in shops a chance to find out, and then, yourself. Previously, no-one at retail- store level, can give an answer nor do they know where to go for one. Either that, or it's a case of people cannot be bothered to persist with finding out. Who can blame them?


Therefore, on this occasion I have to be brutal and vote "dissatisfied". Sorry about this.

A. Stevens :

I'm sorry you feel that way.

A. Stevens :

But i really believe that changing your SIM card will resolve the issue.

A. Stevens :

SIM cards can definitely go bad at times.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It's not your fault, that your suggestion was unfeasible. The SIM card worked in the ZTE for the first 3 months until I decided that I'd had enough of it. That's when I switched the GiffGsff Sim into my new I-Phone, which was easier to use and performed many more functions. There isn't an easy answer, and I'm sorry to mark my disappointment with a 'Poor' rating. I have to leave now. Thank you anyway
D. hall
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A. Stevens and other Android Devices Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't need this service now, thank you.

A friend called into see me and he had experienced the same 'unlock Sim-Pin' problem, also.

He told me how to restore the software to 'FACTORY SETTINGS'.

I feel that either you of your online 'experts' should have known the solution, to pass onto me, considering the time you had, on my stated non-urgent status - which i registered in one of my 'chat'-pad texts.

Also, I feel that you did NOT fully understand my original description of the problem. Why do I say that? it's because that I had said that the SIM-card is OK, because I am using that one in my Apple 4S i-phone.

So, the problem was never about the SIM going "BAD" as one of you guys said. It was a simple question of my not knowing how to restore to 'Factory Default Settings'.

I didn't know when I subscribed to your service, but I do know now, because of my friend's knowledge.

I now need a refund of my £28 please.