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Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-1900 (Android Version 4.1.2.) _"MEMORY

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Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-1900 (Android Version 4.1.2.) _"MEMORY ISSUES" - TO RESOLVE
PRESENT STORAGE STATUS : PHONE (1) Device Memory - Tot 01.97 GB Available 231 MB
(2) USB Storage - Tot 11.50 GB Available 8.51 GB
(3) SD Card - Tot 41.73 GB Available 10.68GB
I am a competent user but not by any means an expert (Viz;especially on terminology translating). Need urgent advice but in Layman's terms please. I have done as much research as possible to try and understand the problem I'm facing.Thank you in advance.
Query : The "Not enough space on phone memory" message is now showing permanently when prompted (current situation) to update both Google Play Services & also WhatsApp Messenger.
My understanding is that this phone's organic hard disc is split into two parts above (1)Storage (Hard Disc/Device Memory) and (2) SDCard0 (Internal SD Card) whereas (3) External SD represents the Mem card I have bought post purchase & to which a large number of images/pics have already been transferred some time ago from SDCard0.
PLEASE CONFIRM I'm right but further to confirm or not that the two Apps above requiring updating go to (1) Internal to Device Memory & with the obvious result that very little space is ever available/rapidly fills up leading to the present denial for App "Udates", as in my case now ?
Various Online forums suggest freeing up space/memory by dialling *#9900#, then select/click on "delete dumpstate log cat" & restart phone. THIS DID WORK ON A PREVIOUS OCCASION - BUT NOT NOT NOW !!
Please clarify :
Q.1. Is there any way in lieu to carry out App "Updates" / store them via (2) or (3) ? If so , please advise ??
Q.2. Why does the phone store the Apps on (1) where inherently there uis very little space ??
Q.2. All images/pics are confirmed as now continuing to be sent to (3) Ext SD Card. Does this automatically happen
following "first time " action taken to transfer (2) to (3) ? Seems that it does having checked without further instruction ?
I know nothing about "Rooting" & would prefer to avoid procedures involving it.
David Philip
Thank you for your question, my name is ***** ***** I look forward to assisting you.
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Your understanding is correct
The two apps go to the internal memory, very fee apps can be installed to the external memory. you can check by going to Settings, Applications and pressing on each app and seeing if they have the Move to SD option.
1) If you do not see the move to SD option as per my above instructions then no it is no.
2) It is they way Android works and some phones have small amounts of internal memory and some much larger. But the Android operating system is developed to use apps mainly on internal memory as this is always there (ie: Some phones dont have an SD card in them)
3)It depends on the camera settings. Open the Camera, check the storage settings and you see if it is set to the SD (external card) or the internal memory.
Nothing I explained here needs the device to be rooted.
If you would like any additional information or assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.
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Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. Need to go out for a couple of hrs but need to come back with follow up Qs later. Confirm this is ok please and how do I /can I reconnect with you via the Website again direct if I leave Website now ?
ok, you can just reply here on this web page like you are doing now.
This is no problem for follow up questions, I will answer them but ask before you leave now, you please rate my service in response to my answering of the questions you sent to me.
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Thank you
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi again
Follow up to my original message (pm today 09 Sep 2015)
Please comment on my " *#9900#" dialling option which failed this time to create more "space" - can you expand / explain further what this action actually does in reality ?
My Q.1. - I have now moved a number of Apps successfully to the External SD Card "Move to SD".option resulting in more space now being released / Updates now all successfully carried out., Assume one could equallly move relevant App back again to the "move to device storage" option, aka device memory as opposed to SD Card0 ? Are there any downsides to sending Apps to an Ext Card ?? Would thwe SD Card operate in another similar Android Smart Phone ?
Q.3. Camera - I have checked as you suggested - Settings are set for "Mem Card" ie, Ext SD as opposed to "Internal Memory" aka Phone. Does this mean all other types of pics / vids, eg from Viber, WhatsApp,Line,Naverline,Bluetooth,Downloads,Google Auto Backup (incl Yr in photos) are included in this process via Ext SD if "Mem card" is the chosen option for Camera ?
Nothing happens dialing this, I am not sure what you saw but this does nothing.
1) Yes, but then you would lose the space again. The SD card would operating in another phone but you first format it
3) No, it only means when using the camera app, those pictures are stored to the internal memory. Other apps will save it to where they are set to (usually where they are installed to)