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Ashik, Android Tech
Category: Android Devices
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My note 10.1 will not load it says: Encryption failed Unable

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my note 10.1 will not load it says: Encryption failed
Unable to complete encryption due to interruption. Perform factory data reset (erasing all your data) before use. After resetting, try encryption device again.
I have tried this using the keys (hold down volume up and power key together) and nothing happens same error message comes up
When this message comes up, you need to highlight Factory Reset, using the volume up and down keys to navigate and the power key to select it. Make sure that our tablet is plugged into the charger with the battery at least 50% charged, to avoid another interruption.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This does not work, the volume key only adjusts the volume (I can see the volume bar going up and down) with the error message showing on a grey background there is in the bottom R/H corner a box which says 'Rest device' however when I touch it to highlight it it will not stay highlighted. (And nothing happens)
PRESS AND HOLDTHE POWER KEY AND SELECT POWER OFF. THEN PRESS AND HOLD THE VOLUME UP AND POWER KEYS SIMULTANEOUSLY. HOLD FOR A FEW SECONDS UNTIL THE WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET MENU APPEARS. USE THE VOLUME UP/DOWN KEYS TO NAVIGATE AND THE POWER KEY TO SELECT FACTORY RESET. CONNECT YOUR CHARGER, AND ALLOW THE PROCESS TO RUN TO COMPLETION. THEN RESTART YOUR DEVICE, AND THE ENCRYPTION SHOULD NO LONGER BE ACTIVE.If you are satisfied with my information and advice, please be sure to give me a Good or Excellent rating. If you are still having problems, please let me know. If you have any more questions, of if there is anything else I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service. I ONLY GET COMPENSATED FOR MY SERVICES WHEN I RECEIVE A POSITIVE RATING!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Followed the instructions, but could only get it to show a screen called "Odin mode" with the warning that custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and applications. once there it allowed 2 options, either cancel (Which lead back to the encryption failed screen) the other option was to continue.I pressed the second and the android icon appeared with the message: "Downloading..... Do not turn off target" this has been running for hrs with no sign of any kind of progress.The device is plugged in and seems to be charging
Unfortunately, you were still on the wrong menu, and that was the wrong option. Apparently, you had no choice. If you really followed my instructions and were unable to n get the right menu, your phone has a corrupted operating system. The menury that has the Wipe Data/Factory Reset on it has about 8 other items on it.
This menu has 11 items on it, and you must get to it from the power off position. If your phone is still processing, it is looping. If you cannot turn it off by pressing and holding the power key, you can interrupt the process by removing the back cover AND REMOVING THE BATTERY. TAKE OUT THE BATTERY. WAIT ABOUT ONE MINUTE AND REINSERT IT. Then attempt to get the FACTORY RESET menu again. FIRST PRESS AND HOLD THE POWER UP KEY. THEN SIMULTANEOUSLY PRESS AND HOLD THE POWER KEY. The phone should vibrate once and then show the recovery screen. It has tiny print with three lines in red at the top and eleven menu items in white on black lettering, with Reboot Device as the first item. IF YOU CANNOT GET THIS SCREEN, THE ONLY OPTION IS TO ATTEMPT TO ROOT YOUR SMARTPHONE. Please let me know what happens.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok, I disconnected the battery and left it for several minutes. Then pressed the volume up key held it and then the power key, the tablet did not vibrate it showed the green android for a few seconds then went into start up and locked at the original 'Encryption failed' screen and would do nothing.I disconnected the battery again then tried it holding the volume key down instead, this gave me the custom operating system install screen with either (Volume up) continue (To the Odin mode screen where it says downloading but is not actually doing anything) or cancel (Volume down) and start the phone normally (Whereupon it went to the Encryption failed screen.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
One thing I forgot to mention when I used the volume down key it did vibrate first before going to the COS install screen
Dear Customer,Thank you for letting me know what is happening with your Samsung Note 10.1 tablet. As i mentioned before, your operating system has become corrupted. You will need to flash a new OS to your device. The Odin mode is a download mode that Samsung uses to do this. You may be able to download the original factory operating system, or you may need to download a root access, open source, operating system. This is called "rooting" your device. PLEASE SELECT THE FOLLOWING LINK, WHICH EXPLAINS THIS CONCEPT AND PROVIDES THIS SERICE: CAN WORK WITH YOU, AND WE CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS TASK TOGETHER.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, went to Kingo downloaded there app (No problem) but after connecting my note I could get no further because I needed to enable USB debugging on the device and could not since I cannot get past the original problem. so the note failed to connect with the kingo app on my computer.
Did a message from the Kingo app on your computer tell you that you needed to enable usb debugging mode on your smartphone?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes I think it did say that, there were three differnet sets of picture instructions dependent on which version of the app was to be downloaded I tried to use the 4.2 (Latest version)
I have found information that recommends connecting the usb cable to your computer while the Kingo software is active and the power to your phone is off. Then press and hold the volume down and power keys simultaneously to put your phone in download mode. Give thisa try and let me know what happens.
If that does not work, you can download the Odin software, which is the official Samsung tool for flashing Android ROMs. You can download it by using this link: let me know if this works for you. I am still interested in discovering how to restore your Android operating system together.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I tried your last advice with the KINGO app and still the same result (Enable USB debugging) which I can not do.Then used the link you provided to the Odin download. Once the download was on my PC I tried to get the tablet to connect, but still with the same result, first it said "Connecting" then after a couple of minutes it said "Not connected, enable USB debugging" Back to square one.
I am researching your problem. Unfortunately, the way t enable usb debugging mode is through the menus. I assume, since your operating system will not load, that you cannot get to your Settings - Developer Options - USB Debugging.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That is correct, I can only get 3 things to come up, either:
- Start normally and it gets stuck at the "Encryption failed" screen
- Start the the Odin mode on the tablet and get to "enable USB debugging"
- Start the Odin on the PC and it fails to connect with "enable USB debugging"All of which I am unable to do because it won't load the O/S
I am going to have to opt out of this question, because I do not know how to solve the problem, and I have been unable to find the answer. This will give other experts the chance to contribute what they can to help you. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Hi and Welcome. My Name is ***** ***** I look forward to assisting you today with your question. We have to flash a new firmware from your computer to your Note by putting it to Downloading/Odin mode. On your computer, download and install Samsung Kies application from here --> Then download the correct firmware for your Note from here : (In the above site, enter the exact model number of your device and click Search button. From the resulting page, download the correct firmware version you want) After you have downloaded it, you will get a zip file. Open it or extract it and you will get a .tar.md5 file and some other files. The tar file is the firmware file. Then follow the steps below. Download the Odin application from here : or from here --> Then open Odin application and follow these steps below; Put the Note to Downloading mode. Do it just like you did before. Then connect the Note to the computer with the USB cable. A message saying "Added!!" will appear in Odin's message box at the bottom left of screen.Click the PDA Button, and choose the .tar.md5 file (the firmware file)Make sure Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options are enabled. Also make sure the Re-Partition checkbox is not selected. Don't make any changes to Odin. Click Start. Let Odin finish the process. Once it finished, it will show a Pass in the top left. Please let me know how it goes. Make sure you download the correct firmware file for your Note . Also when you do this, you will lose everything from the Note . Refer this Youtube video --> (the first part of video that is the firmware downloading part might be a little different when you do it now) Let me know how it goes.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok, followed your directions above, First problem was I could not find the exact firmware for my machine which is a 2012 GTN8000ZWAXSG (UAE product), closet thing was a 2014 build version 4.4.2 (N8000XXUDNH12) under the XSG banner for the UAE. So this is what I downloaded and tried to install. SAMmobile also recommended ODIN 10.7 which I downloaded from them and used instead of the 10.6 you advised. Everything went fine to start with right up to:-
Setup connection..
Then failed some minutes later during the write process.
Complete(Write) operation failed.
All threads completed. (Succeed 0 / failed 1)I tired this process again after completely re downloading the firmware and the Odin with the exact same result.What next?
I'm afraid the internal memory has failed. Can you try flashing the 4.1.2 version --> Use the Odin I sent you. Make sure you see "Added !" on Odin and the tablet is in Downloading mode before you flash. If that didn't work, then attempt to recover the firmware using Kies -->
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Well, it went further this time before failing, it looked as if it might be successful using the Odin 3.6 and the firmware 4.1.2. we got as far as:-
-Firmware update start..
Then after an hour or so it said that it had failed and the threads were removed. (same as before)Tried to connect with KIES for the recovery code but it would not load the driver as it gets stuck "Encryption failed" the only way it would load the driver was in the Odin mode but then no list or codes or anything happens.
Is GTN8000 the exact model of the tab ?
Since it is bricked, lets go ahead and flash a root file on it. It might be able to overwrite the brick and load custom recovery. Download and flash this file --> Open the zip folder, and flash the tar file on PDA
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The model # *****: GT-N8000ZWAXSG followed by *353346/05/102756/3*Tried the root file thing above using the Odin that came with it, the result was exactly the same as the previous attempt except that it happened in a couple of seconds rather than a hr+
I'm really sorry, I believe the internal memory has failed. I'm not sure what to try next. You may need to take it to Samsung store to get it fixed. I'm not sure even if they can fix it this way. They make need to take it apart and flash directly to the board. Let me know what you think
Ashik, Android Tech
Category: Android Devices
Satisfied Customers: 11851
Experience: Personal Experience with many Android devices and versions
Ashik and other Android Devices Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I think you are right it does seem as if something in the hardware must have failed since none of the normal recovery options are working. I appreciate all your help and will try sending it to Samsung to see if they can repair it.
I'm sorry I couldn't solve your problem. I hope Samsung can fix it. Wish you a very happy new year,Ashik