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I need to video my nieces wedding on my samsung s7 and was

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I need to video my nieces wedding on my samsung s7 and was looking for a remote to activate the video and zoom functions for when I have my phone set up on a tripod. Do you know of any such devices please?

Hi there and welcome

There is no device but what you can use is this app

This will allow you to remote control the S7 from another Android phone remotely so they you can control it from the phone.

You basically see the screen of the S7 on the screen of the other phone.

The closest device that has any camera functionality is this device.

But these are only limited to starting and stopping the video, not for zoom

Do you require anything else from me?

Please let me know

Hi the Ray

I see you rated me service as poor indicating I was rude and incorrect.

Did I offend you in some way?

Can you tell me the meaning behind such a bad rating of me please?

I kindly ask you reply Ray, as I have a black mark now on my profile with a complaint about me and I am at a lost as to why.

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