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Kim D.
Kim D., Antiques Expert & Certified Appraiser
Category: Antiques
Satisfied Customers: 6661
Experience:  25 Yr Decorative & Fine Art, Historic Object Expert, CAGA, AOA, Certified Appraiser
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.I wish to set up to work with one appraiser for the next few months

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.I wish to set up to work with one appraiser for the next few months

Hello. My name isXXXXX and I am a certified appraiser with 25 years in a museum and in the field. What is it that you have? I am happy to help and work with fine art, furniture, historic objects and costume, decorative arts, quilts and coverlets, dolls, toys, books etc.

Images would be key too. Do you have an album to share some where or could we set one up on a free sharing site like

Kim D.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I will set up an album very soon! Actually I'm so glad you responded! I saw you offline a while ago.


You did an appraisal for me in 2012 but all my old questions were lost when I had to set up a new account (IT issue . could not change an existing account from standard service to unlimited service).


My only problem with this site is that whomever is available picks up any new questions? Would you be happy to just use this same question for all of my requests? (is this possible? or are there a limited number of responses for every question?) Will you still get paid for your work doing it this way or do you need separate questions for that? I want to ensure that happens too!!


I will have to 're-learn' PhotoBucket but is that your preferred way to receive pics and requests? (you may or may not remember the painting you did for me 2 years ago when you see it)


I would appreciate your thoughts



Betsy - So glad to help again. This would be great but I do want to make sure that we set this up right as I have done subscriptions where something small changed or we couldn't do another question and
I lost all the income from the subscription.

Let me check on the best way to do this while you look into a photo sharing option. I believe photobucket needs a log in etc. so is usually what I have people use.

See what works for you and let me know. I can not use your personal email as a username as we try not to share that information for privacy, so if there is an option that I can get into an account without that type of information that is best.

I will get back to you today and see what my moderator team suggest to do this ongoing list. I know one question will not work as you can not do more than one question on a post. They do have an additional offer option now but I don't know how it works..very new. I work on one item at a time..sometimes two but usually one is appropriate for the work that they require to provide the best answer.

Thanks for your patience.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for your quick reply! Very much appreciated.


I'm glad to hear that there is 'something new' available. I do like working with one appraiser!


Yes .. all of my things are antiques (at least I may have thought so .. lol):

Generally china, some silver, furniture, paintings, art, some Treen and other odds and sods I would have no idea what category to put them in ... I hope you'll be able to tell me! ha


Looking forward to further instruction from you and I will check out (though with PhotoBucket I just didn't apply a password XXXXX my pics there.) Happy to switch to what you are comfortable with (presuming I can figure it out .. lol





Ok. This is what I found, Betsy.


The only way to do multiple questions is to ask each question with each item in a new post. You can narrow the expert by putting my name at the head of the question. (Ex. "Kim I am back please check out the chair in image 8")


I thought that there was a new way to do this but I guess the name in the post is the best way to keep the expert on your items and the single item per question helps them to credit me for the work.


Let me know if this is clear. The additional offer maybe for those without a subscription.


When you are ready address your first question to "Kim D." and it will be sent to me if I am not on the site...and please remember to rate me after each one as this is the only way the site actually ties the question to my work.


Thanks for being patient with the system. (and please if you have any problem, let me know so I can sort it out with our support team..if you are unhappy or leave I loose all my work with you so I want to make sure all goes smoothly for you...even if you decide to work with someone else! I am here to help and aid if you see something in the subscription or any changes that you didn't expect)


I am interested in what you have! So just contact me when you are ready.

Kim D.

Hi Betsy - I am just following up to make sure that you got the information. Let me know if you have any questions or what you need.

All my best, XXXXX
Kim D. and 3 other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

no .. seems great! (though tried that before .. ha)


What happens if someone 'picks up' my question to you .. even though I've sent it to your attention? (Happened to me last year several times .. I guess it seems as though the question was 'poached' by someone else??)).






Betsy - You must have Kim D. in the actual question.

There seems to be some windows that patrons think they are addressing a specific expert but they dont seem to work correctly and anyone can answer the questions sent to our attention (maybe a bug or just not well routed but it does not work)

I dont know what happened in the past but the only way people usually stay out of a question is if there is a name on the question.

You can always say you are waiting for Kim D. too if they happen to try to answer...but this is rare lately.

Every question should look like this: "Hello Kim I have a ..." or the like.

Hi Betsy - Just following up to make sure that I haven't lost you.

I just wanted to let you know that the site has updated its tool for attachment of images in case an online sharing option is troublesome.

What have you found for a photo sharing..and are you still interested in working on a group of items?

Here is the image paperclip tool new directions incase that works well enough - since we have to do this one at a time any way.

No problem if you aren't ready too..just wanted to check in.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I just have not had time .. have been travelling (Ireland, England, Paris .. I know .. poor me lol)


I will be getting at my photos seriously either end of this week, over the weekend or early next week. I've GOTTA get this done ... and I'm one expert procrastinator!


Cheers XXXXX XXXXX an eye for my posts. I believe we can now close this one



Betsy - Quite jealous!

No problem. Just make sure Kim D. is in each and everything you post. I will be here when you get to taking the images and sending them! (no info needed-I just dont want you to be worried about rating me and the need info button dosent trigger the rate)

Talk to you soon.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Look for photos this week sometime .... just thught I'd give you an update.


Off to Germany this week where I can spend some time uploading pics. (not all are antiques btw .. I will point out which ones .. for instance a 2.5 seater sofabed in Full analine leather, studs and a 4 seater sofa in same .. just looking for some estimate for replacement value in Canada) Is this ok?


Then off to Canada to complete our house hunting trip .. so will be there for a week. If ever you wish to do something by phone it would be easier and less expensive to reach me during that week ...


Is it ok if I continue to use Photobucket .. I will ensure you will have no issues accessing.. ie passwords etc.


Please advise and hoping your long weekend is great!



Betsy - Looking forward to hearing from you. Photobucket is fine if you can direct me in to find your images.

Enjoy! It sounds like an exciting time.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

totally ran out of time to get this done! ack


BUT .. have changed my subscription level back to not unlimited for now .. but as soon (or close to) as our stuff arrives here in Canada I will be taking pics then (for house insurance purposes .. for instance the 18 c. dining table may be worth more than the average dining room table .. here's hoping .. ha)


REALLY will get to this and am so looking forward to working with you!



Oh so good to hear from you, Betsy.

I fully thought that you started working with someone else and you were off and running with this project.

I am still more than happy to help.

Whenever you are ready just find me (and of course start new posts..but this is a great way to connect here!)

Thanks for the follow up.