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I have an original book dated 1772 (MDCCLXXII) printed in Latin.

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I have an original book dated 1772 (MDCCLXXII) printed in Latin. It has a hard back cover but unfortunately the front cover has become detached, although it is in my posession.
The title page says:
Ad optimas editiones cafligati.
Accurante Tho.RUDDIMANNO, A.M.

In aedibus W. Ruddimanni et sociorum

The pages are in excellent condition, none missing or torn.
Could you please tell me if it has any retail value, what that might be and how would I sell it

Many thanks

John Simpson
Hi Mr. Simpson~

My name is ***** ***** I am here to help with your question.

Your volume, in Latin, is about the history of the founding of the city of Padua. This title was published in 4 volumes, of which you have Volume IV (Tomus IV). The first edition came out in 1751, thus making your 1772 printing a later edition.

On today’s market, your one volume later edition of a 4 volume set would retail for a high average of $70 (42GBP).

If interested in selling this, it does not quite hit the price point for specialty rare and antique book auction companies.

There are however several other ways to sell your book. You can go through a local antique shop or local auction houses. Pawn shops are good for an outright cash sale.

A shop takes in inventory to sell for a profit, so they will offer you a percentage of the price at which they may be able to sell to a willing buyer someday.

An auction house will take a percentage of whatever the end sale price may be.

Another option would be to list your book on Craigslist yourself at a fair price. Craigs is free and they do not take a fee, so that is where you will make the most out of the end price. I do suggest, that if a buyer contacts you through Craigs, that you meet them at an agreed upon location - I do not recommend letting a stranger meet you at your home.

Online auction options would be Ebay, Etsy & Amazon.

An additional method would be to donate it to a local charity shop where you will receive a tax deduction receipt in return. You can then claim the deduction when your 2014 taxes are filed.

Feel free if you have further questions about your volume.

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Hi John~

Thanks for the positive rating! Much Appreciated.

I would be happy to help you with any items in the future.

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